[ -] Dread Enforceable - Soulrend Morgoneth Shadow Strike Spellbreaker [sr+][vid]

Aaand here I am again :slightly_smiling_face:, with another build of mine.

The concept is not new, this is my approach to make use of some nice-rolled Soulrends in my stash. I have to confess - while leveling a Spellbreaker, I thought of another build. But then changed my mind, because of some… reasons its glassy nature :grimacing:. And so gradually Soulrend Morgoneth Spellbreaker was constructed. Yes - Reaper makes more sense, more damage, more RR, even health is better, but - at the cost of too many buttons to press. If you want greater results - make Reaper, QoL and “chill” - Spellbreaker. Something like that.

Now, to the build machine!

1. Grimtools link.

Because we have enough DR procs, life-leech and desperately need Health with %Phys res, Leviathan path was chosen, with Amatok and Rhowan’s Crown (for single RR class) instead of Revenant. A lot of damage and barely viable HP pool :unamused:. Hope will fix the second part.

2. In-game character stats.
general stats, only passive buffs and Pneumatic Burst are active (Damage Per Second for Amarasta’s Blade Burst)

SS damage breakdown

magic stats

defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation.
To hardcap SS line and have workable HP pool - these two goals decided my gear choice. More %Phys res would be pretty helpful, but alas :neutral_face:.

  1. Core items.
    Set. Armor of the Eternal Night. Overall great set for Cold Nightblades with a lot of Nightfall skillpoints, DR proc, %Armor, even CC res. But that Pierce-to-Vitality conversion specifically for SS :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Why? Is Vitality SS even a thing? For hybrid we need a weapon with split Vitality/Cold damage. Does it exist? No answer so far. At least, Acid-to-Cold conversion is usable (for flat Acid from LA and flat Poison from NJE modifier and Repertoire).
    Weapon. Soulrend. A huge Cold stick from Alkamos with CDR, life-leech, +2 to Nightblade, NJE and Phantasmal Armor points on top, damaging proc. Nice weapon for 2H SS. Conversion does not have any meaning though.
  2. Mandatory items.
    Rings. Dread Sigils of Alkamos. Large numbers of %Cold Damage, OA, speed, useful skillpoints (more for DW Nightblades), good proc. The only downside - they drop once in a millennia :laughing:. Wish you luck.
    Amulet. Ellena’s Necklace. All Cold Nightblade amulets lack needed stats (DA, Health, resistances). This amulet with Cold-related affinity can be pretty good. Also, some points to Star Pact and damage modifiers to it and VoS. For green MIs - Elemental/Pierce/Chaos/Slow resistances are a priority, then Health/DA, then usual stuff like %Cold damage and OA.
    Pants. Slithscale Legwraps. Good Acid/Cold slot with points to SS, NJE, even racial damage to Beasts (Kuba says hello), Cunning (what?).
    Relic. Nidalla’s Outbreak. Supreme Cold/Acid Nightblade relic with great stats, DA and proc.
    Belt. Gargoyle Waistguard. +1 to Nightblade, in-built %Slow res, Vitality-to-Cold conversion (more impactful for Reapers though).
    Boots. Amatok’s Step. %Cold Damage, %Slow, %Phys and Poison res, %Health, DA, another damaging proc. From all Epic and Legendary boots for this build they are simply the best.
  3. Can be changed.
    Medal. Undying Oath. Cold medal with big Health values, some nice modifiers to Pneumatic Burst. You can use Mark of Calamitous Desires, less HP, but more good stuff, craftable.

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~88% (-33% from VoS modifier, -23% from Murmur constellation and flat 32 from Rhowan’s Crown constellation) plus 20% from Viper constellation, so it can vary. Not much. Kuba is tough but doable thanks to 21% racial damage to Beasts, Fabius and Moosi can hurt a lot, so be careful and do not waste MoE and BB for nothing. No problem with other Nemeses.

4. Gameplay.
SS → ABB → RoS. Repeat. Pneumatic Burst to heal and buff, MoE, BB, Nullification in dire situations. Amatok’s Breath to escape tough crowds (but most time I just Shadow Strike some distant enemy :grin:). Many abilities that freeze your opponents also help a lot. But do not get ignorant - Spellbreaker is not so tanky. As you will see my SR video below, one mistake can cause problems.

5. Videos.
Avatar of Mogdrogen. Second phase is hard, requires attention and correct use of defensive cooldowns (not my case :expressionless:). One Aether cluster, potions are in the video, healpots according to situation.



Mad Queen.


SR 75 full (stupid death from Fabius at Bossroom, still beat it in time).

This was my variation of 2H Cold Shadow Strike :slightly_smiling_face:. Not the sturdiest one, definitely not for sleepy playing, but fun and quite damaging. There are also good Cold SS builds by @fordprefect and @RektbyProtoss (for HC) that utilise Soulrend or Morgoneth set, check them out as well. Maybe you will find some inspiration for your own Cold-hearted shadow walker :slightly_smiling_face:. Cheers!


This post was stolen by topic author :grin:.

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Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is the time to update to patch. Here are some new features:

  • Nidalla’s Outbreak: replaced % Crit damage with 3% Defensive Ability
  • Ellena’s Necklace: added 8% Health modifier for Star Pact
  • Mythical Amatok’s Step: increased % Poison Resist to 38% and reduced % Vitality Resist to 18%
  • Soulrend (mythical): increased Frostburn damage to 162 / 3s and Offensive Ability to 116
  • Alkamos’ Touch of Anguish: added 25% Poison Resist and reduced % Vitality Resist to 16%
  • Armor of the Eternal Night Set: increased % Health bonus to 12% and % Armor bonus to 22%. Increased % Vitality Resist Reduction modifier for Veil of Shadows to -18%.
  • Amatok, Spirit of Winter: increased Health to 225 and % Health to 6%
  • Leviathan: increased % Health to 6%, Cold damage to 18 and Frostburn damage to 20 / 3s
  • Murmur: increased Health to 200, Defensive Ability to 40 and % Vitality Resist to 15%
  • Blade Barrier: increased base Health Regeneration and its scaling with rank and increased Cooldown scaling at ultimate ranks to 12s by max ultimate rank. Crowd Control Resist is now 80% at all ranks. The buff is now undispellable.

The build was adjusted accordingly, Grimtools link updated (you did not see Breath of Belgothian skillpoint :sweat_smile:). Have fun!

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Updating builds this patch might appear unnecessary (unless they are Retal) but still needed. So, here are the changes:

  • Increased the drop rate of unique items from the Roguelike Dungeon final bosses (ex. Alkamos rings, Shar’Zul’s Worldeater, etc) - the build is less tedious to construct I hope :rofl:
  • Reduced monster % Cold Resist by 6% on Ultimate difficulty and 3% on Elite difficulty
  • Blade Spirit: increased damage scaling with rank.
  • Merciless Repertoire: increased % All Retaliation damage scaling with rank
  • Nightfall: increased base % Attack damage Converted to Health by 2% and increased Frostburn damage scaling with rank and removed Vitality Decay damage
  • Pneumatic Burst: reduced Cooldown to 8s and increased Offensive Ability scaling with rank to 110 by rank 12, 200 by max ultimate rank
  • Shadow Dance: increased Defensive Ability scaling with rank to 160 by rank 12, 290 by max ultimate rank, and increased % Melee and % Ranged Avoidance scaling with rank to 22% by rank 12, 28% by max ultimate rank
  • Elemental Awakening: increased Frostburn, % Elemental damage and % Frostburn damage damage scaling with rank
  • Arcane Will: increased Defensive Ability scaling with rank to 200 by rank 10, 380 by max ultimate rank
  • Maiven’s Sphere of Protection: increased % Damage Absorb scaling with rank to 22% by rank 12, 32% by max ultimate rank

Same build, just stats-buffed :slightly_smiling_face:. Have fun!