[ -] Storm Combustible - Cyclone Fire/Lightning Hybrid Elementalist [sr+][vid]

Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: It is time to try Elementalist this time. But, with sort of a challenge.

My opinion - Fire/Lightning Damage types are pretty bad in GD. They have poor numbers, weak survivability, worst Nemeses, even despicable Mogdrogen uses Lightning (which is downright :face_with_thermometer:). But spells look great, must admit. And we have two clunky abilities that often lead to disaster rather than benefit thanks to their mechanic - Thermite Mines, Wind Devil. Now, mix everything. What do you get? Right, Cyclone Elementalist :grin:. Looks stylish with all effects and whirlwinds. Performance? It… depends on what content you want to beat with it. Sometimes the build obliterates everything on screen, and then runs like scared chiken from one target :laughing:. I know, it is hybrid, do not expect much, however…

Anyway, stop complaining. Let’s combust the storm!

1. Grimtools link.

Ultos :zap:+Ulzuin :fire: path brings destruction from the sky and looks stylish - that is what I wanted :slightly_smiling_face:. Because of Blackwater Cocktail modifiers we can omit flat RR and DR devotions. And, for sustain purposes, nerfed Giant on top. The problem is that the build does poorly against fat single targets, low %Damage on Stormfire skill is not enough for life-leech. So kiting is our key to survival. Facetank when it is reasonable, disengage when needed.

2. In-game character stats.
general stats, only passive buffs are active (Damage Per Second for Stormfire)

magic stats

defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation.
The main Damage part of this build comes from Wind Devils (especially Maelstorm) and mighty procs. Gear was chosen accordingly. Not everything is maxed as I wanted unfortunately :unamused:.

  1. Core items.
    Set. The Cyclone. Finally, a set that makes Wind Devils usable :partying_face:. One click - and four hurricanes of total annihilation with prolonged lifespan are ready to be unleashed at enemies. No bad conversion, no dubious restrictions - the set looks gorgeous. Thermite Mines part is okay, not like Infernal Knight analog, but workable.
  2. Mandatory items.
    Weapon. Warpfire. +1 to both masteries, Fire RR proc. Wish it has some Fire damage as a base though :neutral_face:. At first I used good-rolled Segarius’ Sacred Blade, it also fits the theme, but Warpfire won.
    Amulet. Thread of Mortality. +1 to both masteries, %Phys Res, life-leech, even Health regen. Proc is nothing without conversion (to make it somewhat usable we can use Chains of Brandis, but doing it just for one mediocre proc is not a fair trade, in my opinion).
    Ring 1. Gollus’ Ring. +3 to VF and Mogdrogen’s Pact, always comes with Health Regen. Look for Stun res, OA/DA, Fire/Lightning/Elemental Damage, Aether/Poison res mostly. My advice - farm it in SR :laughing:.
    Chest. Fateweaver’s Raiment. Overall good slot for Aether/Elemental casters with great aura. Some points to Stormcaller’s Pact do not hurt.
    Pants. Stormcage Legguards. BiS for Retal Electrocute Mortar Trap/Stun Jacks Elementalists (has anyone built it? :thinking:). For our build they provide crucial points to Maelstorm and Raging Tempest, OA/DA is obviously nice. Proc just exists.
    Relic. Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm. Everything you need in one item - respective Damage types, %CS, dual-damage proc. Designed for our build for sure.
    Belt. Chains of Ordas. Aether-to-Fire conversion (for Warpfire and Widow Constellation, not much, but something), +1 to Demolitionist, %Stun res. Same requirements as Gollus’ Ring (but it drops frequently from respective mob).
    Boots. Stormbearers. Fire/Lightning Damage, DA, %Phys res, +3 to Maelstorm - most important. Proc also just exists, another portion of damage does not hurt.
  3. Can be changed.
    Ring 2. Time-Flux Band. Big boost to our Damage, %Slow Res, useful proc. Craftable. Any Elemental ring with %Slow Res (like “Consecrated” prefix) fits as well.
    Gloves. Cindertouch. Fire/Lightning Damage, OA, points to VF and Wind Devil. Proc does not stack with Cyclone Effigy :expressionless:. Craftable Wyrmbone Handguards are an alternative (if you do not mind 24/16 Wind Devil).

Craft with whatever you want - %Slow Res, DA, Armor, Physique etc. And my Thread of Mortality has additional 8 OA (from Celestial Blacksmith), just got lucky.

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~143% for Fire (-15% from Warpfire proc, -40% from Thermite Mines, -35% from Wind Devil modifier, -23% from Solael’s Witchblade constellation proc and flat 30 from Blackwater Cocktail modifier) and ~140% for Lightning (-40% from Thermite Mines, -35% from Wind Devil modifier, -35% from Widow constellation proc and flat 30 from Blackwater Cocktail modifier) plus 20% from Ultos constellation proc, so it can vary. Looks amazing but Grava and Iron Maiden say otherwise :neutral_face:. Learn to kite them. Fabius is also nasty (who would have thought?).

4. Gameplay.
Uptime Wind Devils, throw Blackwater Cocktails and Thermite Mines under enemies, spam Stormfires. Be ready for some lags, especially in SR :rofl:. Rahn’s Might for movement. Nothing more to add.

5. Videos.
Near-sighted Avatar of Mogdrogen, that, despite being a caster, tries melee range :grin:. Potions are in the video, no Aether Clusters, occasional healing pots.



Mad Queen (kite her red aura).


SR 75 full (with Grava, bad kiting).

So, the topic build is great in AoE department, not so against single targets and has survival problems (the situation will be slightly better in Elementalist as a class is pretty niche, to play its RR skills without Cyclone is just horrendous. But fun nonetheless. Something between “meme” and “actual build”. For me it is enough. What about you?

Write your feedback/comments, as usual, every one of them is highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


This post belongs to me :slightly_smiling_face:.


I see Dual Damages and it’s an instant like from me! Very nice @Willnoword :+1:



Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:

A small update for the build in patch:

  • Gollus’ Ring: added % Pierce Resist
  • Cindertouch: reduced % Attack and % Cast Speeds to 10%
  • Mythical Thread of Mortality: increased % Health Regeneration to 50% and added +2 to Vindictive Flame
  • Solemn Watcher: increased Physique to 25 and % Defensive Ability to 5%
  • Vindictive Flame: increased Health Regeneration scaling with rank
  • Ulzuin’s Wrath: increased base % Retaliation added to Attack to 5% and increased its scaling with rank to 12% by rank 12, 16% by max ultimate rank
  • Heart of the Wild: reduced % Health scaling with rank to 26% by rank 10 and increased scaling at ultimate ranks such that value at max ultimate rank remains at 40%

It resulted in slightly better Health regen, one free augment slot and two spare skillpoints. Grimtools link is updated. The storm is still ablaze! :zap: :fire:


Works pretty well. Not too many skills to bind so can be played with controller.
Blast shield is a life saver

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Hello! Let us bump this build too :wink:.

Changes in

  • Reduced monster % Fire Resist by 3% on Ultimate difficulty and 2% on Elite difficulty
  • Reduced monster % Lightning Resist by 3% on Ultimate difficulty and 2% on Elite difficulty
  • Flame Touched: increased Fire damage scaling with rank
  • Ulzuin’s Wrath: increased base % Retaliation added to Attack by 2%. % Attack damage Converted to Health now scales with rank, scaling up to 20% by rank 12, 25% by max ultimate rank.

Small but welcome. Enjoy the build!

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thanks been looking fort something like this ,any chance you can post on how to do the devotions ?


  1. Blue Crossroads.
  2. Sailor’s Guide.
  3. Eel.
  4. Solemn Watcher.
  5. Green Crossroads.
  6. Spider.
  7. Widow.
  8. Remove Eel, blue and green Crossroads.
  9. Red Crossroads.
  10. Jackal.
  11. Ghoul.
  12. Solael’s Witchblade.
  13. Behemoth.
  14. Raven.
  15. Ultos without leftmost node.
  16. Ulzuin without rightmost node.
  17. Red Crossroads is a spare point, leave it or use elsewhere (like I did with Crane).
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Thank you v much.


This is build update:

  • Reduced monster % Fire Resist by 2% on Elite and Ultimate difficulty
  • Cindertouch: added 20% Freeze Resist and increased bonus to Callidor’s Tempest to +3
  • Fateweaver’s Raiment: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Stormbearers: added 18% Elemental Resist
  • The Cyclone Set: increased % Physical Resist bonus to 15%
  • Cyclone Effigy: increased % Cast Speed to 16% and added 30% Freeze Resist. Increased Summon Limit modifier for Thermite Mines to +4 and added +2 Summon Burst modifier for it.
  • Cyclone Mark: increased Lightning damage modifier for Thermite Mine to 80-150
  • Behemoth: increased % Health to 8% and increased % Health for pets to 12%. Added 4% Physical Resist for pets.
  • Sailor’s Guide: added 15% Fire Resist and increased % Run Speed to 10%
  • Solael’s Witchfire: increased Defensive Ability to 40
  • Solemn Watcher: replaced % Cold Resist with 18% Chaos Resist
  • Ulzuin’s Torch: added 20% Stun Resist and 6% Health. Removed % Fire Resist.
  • Blackwater Cocktail: sped up damage tic rate by ~20%
  • Demon Fire: reduced Energy Cost scaling with rank
  • Agonizing Flames: reduced Energy Cost scaling with rank
  • High Potency: reduced Cooldown to 3.8s

The build is up-to-date. Have fun!

Are you planning to revisit this build in 1.2?
I would think taking Turtle instead of Solemn Watcher, second Gollus’ Ring + maxing Mogdrogen’s Pact for better health regen.
Have you tried Mythical Spark of Ultos for extra Wind Devils?
the tactics around Ravager would be spamming mines, devils and rounding around him?

Yes, and other builds too.

I would need more skillpoints somewhere :sweat_smile:. Waiting for 1.2 patch to test the original setup, then adjust if needed. Could be a place for Turtle.

No, I haven’t. The summon limit is still 4 WD though. And less skillpoints, not maxed Maelstorm, no Fire RR…

Pretty much, the build is not for facetanking.

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This is what i was thinking about:

less points in Flame touched, but 21/12 Mogdrogen’s Pact - if you may get “of Nature’s Bounty”, you will hardcap Mogdrogent’s Pact and have two points to add to Flame Touched.

Note the devotions. I skipped Ghoul on my full Ulzuin Purifer since i have to run around all the time so standing still is not the opiton. This allows to take Dryad for another healing proc - sadly i see no chance to integrate Chariot of the Dead in the build.

Belt is free of affix/suffix and build heavily needs Poison res, so getting poison res on the belt will let you take more Bysmiel Silversand augments (+16 d/a, + 16 hps)

With one ring of Nature Bounty hp regen sits at 1900 before the proc. Looks rather interesting to try.

What do you think?

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Definitely might be an option :+1:. Losing Ulzuin’s Torch 100% Fire Damage node is sad but proc is better. Overall devotion tree is nice.

But I would prefer this. Do not like procing Dryad stuff with movement runes, so taking something with CD like Grenade is a good choice, in my opinion. Also took points from Blast Shield to hardcap Flame Touched, we have 6th level with 1 point anyway. Free belt and ring affixes can fix our Fire/Lightning Damage and DA, maybe Health regen. Craft helmet with %Freeze. Korvaak relic is nice for %OA/DA, %Slow and %Trap.

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