[] Aegis Corruptible - Voidsoul Sentinel [sr+][vid]

Good day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Chaos characters are always great, be it meme or fully-fledged with dedicated items. If you fail to make them - you cannot call yourselves a builder (except for Witch Hunters, they are trashy).

Okay, that was a joke :rofl:. Except for the last part. But Chaos Damage is really cool thematically and number-wise, at least for me. Never tired of making another one. Still dreaming of constructing Chaos Warlord, that would be the pinnacle of my GD builder career :thinking:. For now, though, I would like to present Voidsoul Sentinel, with huge damage (when got lucky :grin:) combined with satisfying gameplay. Two heavy-hitters - Aegis of Menhir, Doom Bolt - will obliterate any unfortunate enemy fast and reliably. Over 2 million crit (hightest) is not a joke :grimacing:.

Here it is.

1. Grimtools link.

Almost standard Dying God + Abomination devotion tree for maximum damage. No Ghoul unfortunately :expressionless:. If you have any ideas about how to fit it in, please share, I will be thankful :slightly_smiling_face:.

2. In-game character stats.
general stats, Blood of Dreeg, Ascension, Hungering Void and Abominable Might are active

AoM damage breakdown

DB damage breakdown

magic stats

defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation.
Items I chose provide necessary skillpoints, damage to our main nukes and CC resistances (since Sentinel has them only when Ascended :grin:). Other than that - usual Chaos gear.

  1. Core items.
    Set. The Voidsoul. Heavy Chaos/Vitality? set that makes DB and AoM almost “apocalyptic” damage-wise :laughing: (with nice sustain through life-leech). Vitality part makes no sense at all. Proc is not that reliable to speak about. Overall viable set, could be better.
    Weapon. Fang of Ch’thon. An incredible Chaos dagger with huge lifesteal, +1 to Occultist and even %WD to our DB. RR proc is also nice. Conversion is useless (for this build). Craftable.
    Relic. Oblivion. Gives good filler to cast between AoM/DB. Racial damage to Chthonics, Spirit, %CS - all is pretty helpful.
  2. Mandatory items.
    Rings. Voidheart and Combustion Band. Standard Chaos RR rings, what more to say? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
    Amulet. Conduit of Divine Whispers. +1 to Oathkeeper, constant Chaos RR on Guardians is great. Craftable. Look for Pierce/Aether resistances.
    Belt. Sash of the Bloodlord. Useful skillpoints, Vitality-to-Chaos conversion for our abilities (Oblivion, Second Rite, procs etc), OA, Spirit, good proc.
    Medal. Lagoth’Ak’s Voidbinding. Damage mods to AoM (conversion is redundant), %Pierce res - much needed (that’s why I took it instead of Basilisk medal). For green MIs - look for %Stun res (Demonic, of Cabal…) and DA, Aether/Pierce resistances again.
    Gloves. Riftwarped Grasp. Nice mods to DB, damage, flat CDR to it, energy management. Require %CS desperately (especially for Chaos DE :pleading_face:).
    Boots. Voidwalker Footpads. Good Chaos slot with points to AoM, %Slow res, DA, Spirit and defensive proc.
  3. Can be changed.
    Pants. Solael-Sect Legguards. Lifesteal, %Freeze and Aether resistances. Dreeg-Sect ones with right suffixes also fit. And, of course, Demonbone Legplates, good defensive pants (but your %Freeze res suffers a lot, use Hoarfrost Ointment in this case).

Craft with Reduced Stun/Freeze Duration (bonus is provided by Malmouth blacksmith in Steelcap District). My amulet has 12% Stun res, which is redundant, so theoretically my %Freeze res can be higher (but I do not want craft it for weeks! :grimacing:).

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~122% (-15% from Fang of Ch’thon proc, -10% from Voidheart, -8% from Combustion Band, -15% from Guardians of Empyrion aura, -15% from Voidsoul proc (when hit), -35% from Solael’s Witchblade constellation and flat 24 from Revenant constellation). Enough for almost all endgame content. Reaper is resistant but manageable, Benn is just more vulnerable, others are more/less same.

4. Gameplay.
Destroy everything with DB and AoM, spam Oblivion in-between. Uptime BoD, Ascension for more damage and tankiness. VM and Chaos Strike for battle relocations (last one to reduce tough enemy’s damage as well). That’s it, pure Chaos :slightly_smiling_face:.

5. Videos.
Avatar of Mogdrogen (potions are in the video, healpots on second phase, no Aether Clusters).



Mad Queen.


Ravager of Flesh (very hard on second phase, had to kite :roll_eyes: and use Aether Clusters).

SR 76 full with two Reapers of the Lost.

Overall a good Chaos build that is greatly dependant on AoM procs (the more, the better). Wish it could be sturdier, for my taste. Maybe I will be able to improve it in the future, I hope so :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you for visiting another Chaos-themed topic, leave your thoughts as well as critique, your feedback is highly appreciated. Have fun!


May I have this post, pleeease?

Already found the answer :rofl:. Took a whole topic to re-think devotion tree in an hour. Ghoul variant (relic with %OA instead of %DA to have sweet “over 3k OA/DA” numbers).

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Hi. interesting vision, of course, of this set, but not the best use. and on the issue of “stronger”, you need to redo the sky, and it’s not just about ghoul. there is little speed of sorcery, there are no tools for survival in piety. think about it, I can give my example of seeing piety for chaos and oblivion. good luck in the future ))