[] Bysmiel & Beast Set | Aether Pet | Cabalist & Ritualist

v1.1.9.5 https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jjX7x2

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v1.1.9.5 https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7y6BdN

That’s a very cool idea with both the cabalist and ritualist using aether damage since it doesnt have many items that use aether as a pets damage source. My thoughts are: Since I mainly focus on cabalist, what do you think about the dps compared to other pet builds such as a ghols cabalist?

Also have you considered taking out the max necromancer points out (only up to either blight burst or mark of torment) and using them in lightning strike instead since this is a familiar based build. you could also put some in undead legion for 1-2 more skeletons. If you lack spirit attribute points, you can always take some physique points out and put them on spirit to make up for the loss.

In terms of the relic, I’m thinking you could use primal instinct for the 5 extra swarmlings, but you would have to use more points as usual and the flat pet damage would be less (but using mythical reaper of the accursed as your offhand). So that’s a drawback.

Ghol set for cabalist not worth it, need more point for RR devotion skill. like primal instinct same too. cabalist no more aehter & chaos res for Pets. if use primal instinct Pet will very crisp.
I have no idea for Ghol cabalist , because demage low and no more point for Pet skill.https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKYyJjV

You added points to a lot of skills that don’t really support pets (Ill Omen, Possession) but your character’s damage… yet you do not have any direct damage skills, so I do wonder what is the point of that.
Bysmiel’s set is specifically for converting and adding elemental damage to pets, so I feel Arcanist would be a better secondary mastery there if you want to use that set.

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Ill Omen was chosen to be a proccer for his RR devotion, Possession was picked since Cabalist has no other viable aura choice and the damage reduction is nice.

The problem with going the route of Warlock is that there is not really enough pets to make it worth doing. You would have one dog and two birbs. The dog can’t really tank very well so you would end up with a build that can’t do deep SR which is the niche for pets. You also would have even less RR since arcanist doesn’t really have any to speak of.

I like the build even Dusk knows the mechanics fairly well enough to have it do what he want’s it to do on top of that, there’re plenty other people on the official GD discord build channel, that’s willing to help improve yet throw in there 2cents on the build and all too, but why wasn’t master of death necro buff even selected since the outer build page has it listed on it being used and all? peace out.