[] Chaos + Fire Pet Conjurer - Ravager 1:12, SR90 w/timer

So, I took my glass cannon “all the DPS, please” skeleton cabalist and more or less made it into a conjurer. Also, I saw someone ask about the Heart of Mountain amulet in another thread, and thought about how I only have made middlingly successful cold and cold / poison conjurers with that… being one of my favorite items, why not build around it…? So, I did. And the end result ravages the Ravager.

BoD active only

The toon

This build uses the hound as little more than an aura and slight dmg reduction. The bird is little more than an aura and a small heal. They exist only to supercharge the Primal Instinct relic’s bugs and of course the briarthorns. Speaking of the briars, on the Shaman side Mog’s Pact and Emboldening are pumped fairly high to further enhance the briars and bugs. (*edit - and Chillmane Yeti)

Now, I use a DR green Salazar blade because I’m a dirty GD Stash’er. But, you can get by with any pet friendly Salazar dagger, it’s my favorite item in the game so I tend to use it… but, just as good (with a delicious +1 shaman) is the Mythical Black Scourge, it will alternate in very well. Black Hand of Sanar’Siin wouldn’t be the worst either. The ring, another Myth Voidwhisper band is fine, any pet-friendly of the Wild suffix bloodsworn signet (common drop) is preferred, imo though.

1:24 Ravager (faster time added in reply below)

I actually fought Ravager a few times, all were ~1:45 or better. I did a 1:29 and realized Nature’s Guardian was only at level 1/20… so, max’d that out, got the 1:24 above, figured good enough to post… but, I think it can be faster. :slight_smile:

SR90. Toon is a bit squishy to go further, though it can if you don’t mind finding yourself back in the Conclave from time to time. On paper I thought it’d go a little further easier, but it is what it is, SR90 isn’t too bad.

Anyway, thought I’d share, this guy hits pretty hard, smashes the Ravager quite nicely. :slight_smile:


Oh, wow, toon building before the coffee has set in… I forgot my components in my chest (Bind of Bys), belt (Spellscorched Plate), and shoulder armor (Scaled hided missing armor absorb), wrong component in helm (Eld Mirror), no wonder it was a bit squishy… Ok, higher SR should be incoming, hopefully.

Filled in my missing components, shaving time off.

1:17, pretty clean but think I can do better yet.


Oh man I just saw this, amazing, will try!

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Been playing this guy a bit more, think it can do more in SR. Also think a 60 sec Ravager run isn’t totally out of the question… here, this run was not at all pretty, 1:12. It’s a burner. :slight_smile: