[] Arcana Discernible - Elemental PRM Mage Hunter [sr+][vid]

“A mage that hunts or a hunter that mages?..”
“ATTAK SERU!!!”(c) A highly-ranked inquisitor afraid of tentacles.

Solve the mystery, give us the answer - who Mage Hunter truly is (and Witch Hunter too) :face_with_monocle:. In the meantime, here is my build showcase.

Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ready for patch? Excited to see new potential buffs and nerfs? Not much has left in Crate’s pocket to show, the end of Grim Dawn is near. At last, the game will be at mercy of players, not devs, who will get their proper rest. Does not mean that new builds will cease, so much ideas left undiscovered. Not today’s case though :laughing:.

The build concept is not new, just using a different approach with freshly-buffed gear. Most of the time I saw Panetti’s Replicating Missile (PRM) builds using Invoker set with Panetti Wand, even Temporal Arcblade :roll_eyes:. To be honest - this is not an Elemental build. Fire, Cold, Lightning together - this is the holy trinity of Elemental, not some hybrids (I have nothing against such concepts, but calling them Elemental is wrong, in my opinion :grimacing:). You will see what I mean.

So, here it is - a true Elemental PRM Mage Hunter, no Fire, Cold or Lightning converted away. As it should be :expressionless:.

1. Grimtools link.

I call this Sage + Seru devotion tree “Crucible Folly” (no offense to its fans). A highly-damaging fiesta of colors and no defense at all :laughing:. Couple it with Mage Hunter fragile nature… I tried to mitigate it through Ghoul and some great greens (all legal, I swear :sweat_smile:). The damage is good, but I cannot call it full glass-cannon. Just close.

2. In-game character stats.
general stats, only passive buffs and Word of Renewal are active. Damage Per Second is for PRM

PRM breakdown

magic stats

defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation.
You may disagree in most cases with my gear choice. It is understandable, PRM line is not maxed-out fully. The gear is locked for some crucial slots, other offer different damage types or just worse defense-wise. Here is my completely subjective view of the matter.

  1. Core items.
    Weapon. Arcanum Sigillis. 30% WD and 8% ADCtH for PRM - crucial for surival. +1 to Inquisitor, some IEE line skillpoints (for some reason, +1 to Arcanist or something from PRM line would be more logical :man_shrugging:).
    Helmet. Spellgaze. Another 20% WD and 6% ADCtH for PRM - now we are talking :slightly_smiling_face:. Again, +1 to Inquisitor, some nice bonuses to WoR, decent amount of Health (it is hard to get Arcanist-based classes workable health pool). Craftable.
    These two items together make our sustain actually viable. Even half-Ghoul is something. How could someone play PRM builds without such mods - I have no idea :laughing:.
    Medal. Wendigo Eye. Converts all Aether Damage on PRM to Elemental (not shards from Proliferation, it is a skill inside another skill, like Brimstone for FS and Vile Eruption for DEE), some flat Damage to it, bonuses to WoP are also good to clear trash mobs quickly (not a huge bonus, but it is free), flat DA reduction helps. For all MIs - look for Pierce/Poison res, Health, OA, DA, %Elemental Damage (in this order).
  2. Mandatory items.
    Amulet. Heart of Malmouth. Good bonuses to PRM, +1 to Arcanist on top, some RR for WoR is obviously great, even inherent %Stun Res. Craftable. Invoker Shard splits Aether Damage to Fire/Lightning, so it is not for the build.
    Off-Hand. Tome of Names. Nice damage bonuses to PRM, it can now slow enemies, +1 to Inquisitor and great Elemental RR proc. Invoker’s Blaze converts Cold Damage, so again, does not fit.
    Chest. Fateweaver’s Raiment. Always a good defensive choice for Aether/Elemental casters (Mage hunter needs every drop of it).
    Pants. Leggings of Arcane Currents. Good Aether/Elemental slot with %Phys and %Poison res (important), points to MoE, SBoE and damaging proc do not hurt.
    Shoulders. Valdaran’s Mantle. +3 to PRM, %Phys res and %Casting Speed. An item with MI suffixes advantage over other candidates.
    Gloves. Inscribed Bracers. Decent Elemental gloves with %Disruption, +2 to Overload and another damaging proc (should stack with pants one).
    Boots. Final March. %Phys and %Slow res, some Physique means Health, +2 to Steel Resolve means a little bit of damage on otherwise empty slot.
  3. Can be changed.
    Rings. Living Ring. %Health and elemental affinity, +3 to IEE and Word of Agony (helps spreading our AoE RR ability effectively). Here you can use Invoker rings, should be more damage, but the build becomes for me uncomfortably squishy. Up to you.
    Relic. Iskandra’s Balance. Tons of Elemental Damage, Spirit, %Crit, +1 to Arcanist. Eternity or Bane relics are an alternative. Maybe Haunt to life-leech more :crazy_face:.
    Belt. Arcanoweave Cord. +1 to both masteries, %Pierce res, Health, %Elemental Damage, decent proc. If you want, use good Ugdenbog Waistguard with its Aether-to-Elemental conversion (nice for Proliferation and Arcane Currents), it is easy-farmable.

Craft with whatever you want. I have Energy Regen (for laziness reason :sweat_smile:).

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~93% (-29% from AoC, -12% from modified WoP, -20% from Tome of Names proc and flat 32 from Rhowan’s Crown constellation) plus 10-20% from Viper constellation, so it can vary. Not much, but enough in most cases. Of course, human Elemental Res collectors can be a problem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. The build can facetank, but melee heavy-hitters can be rough (like Fabius, Maiden, Reaper etc). Oh, and always facetank Slathzarr in melee range - its spits can one-shot you :grin: (maybe it was just -%Health mutator, 80+ shard in SR and bad luck, but still).

4. Gameplay.
Debuff everything with WoP, bind the healthiest enemy to yourselves through SBoE to proc many ATTAK SERU! and throw many deadly colorful replicating candies :rofl:. Uptime WoR, its your great heal, Inquisitor Seal for tankiness, MoE and Nullification for dire situations/tactical decisions, Amatok’s Breath for movement.

5. Videos.
Mad Queen (only apply SBoE when her red aura is dispelled, or you are under MoE).


Lokarr (avoid his flame waves)


Avatar of Mogdrogen (second phase is tough, potions are in the video, no Aether Clusters, occasional healpots)

Callagadra (one augment swap, potions are in the video, occasional healpots and Aether Clusters. Made just for curiosity, how bad the build against Physical heavy-hitters is it is indeed :rofl:).

SR 75 full.

Flashy, squishy, funny :slightly_smiling_face:. This is what the build feels to me. What about you? Ideas and feedback are always welcome.

Have a good time!


Always remember - Witch Gods are always three: Solael, Bysmiel AND Dreeg. Do not make them sad, stop attacking Seru. Or else you will be acquainted with nasty Chthonian tentacles :grin:.

Impressive kill of Callagadra.
impessive rings and shoulders.
Clever way of going without Widow/Murmur/Solael Witchblade as build would be too clunky to play.
Guess Crate no go due to quantity of crates it spawns because of RPM? What about Ravager?
If i want to add more skillpoints to PRM tree, what are the options? Maybe it’s worth putting same in the original post?

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I can’t believe you went through a Cally kill on this, I’ve tried a few variations as well and the single target damage is so frustrating low considering the skill point investment :sweat_smile:

Couple things you ran into I’d love to see adjusted:

  • PRM gear is horribly restricting and you still can’t max out the skill line without arcanist prefixes. Dropping the helm even with gun leech seems wrong, but to max the line you need to look at the blue shoulders+helm. You went the correct path with helm and MI shoulders
  • Gun supports a weapon damage approach (my best effort actually uses dual guns + helm) but it’s very hard to find elemental flat damage to take advantage of it
  • PRM single target is hilariously bad and hogs up most of your skill points to boot. It’s like having fire strike AoE but no push behind it, so you get down to nemesiseses and it takes forever (see also, madman 11:43 cally kill). I’d actually love to see a cadence like +500% damage or something silly every 3rd shot. AoE will already be cleared but would allow it to not be such a drag on single target

Crate fight makes your PC garbage-tier with all those sparks, whirlwinds, particles, boxes. No matter how strong it is :laughing:. I went hostile with Barrowholm. I think, Ravager fight would be somewhat similar to Callagadra one, but in a smaller area.

I mentioned Mythical Invoker’s Shocking Touch and Mythical Invoker’s Burning Hand as an alternative. Totally viable if you have good piloting skills. Shoulders like Mythical Cortosian Scrolls or Mythical Shoulderguard of the Paragon do not offer much defense to already fragile class, second ones are only good in full set (but we need Spellgaze hard). Of course you can use dual Sigillises like @eardianm suggested but I find huge Elemental RR from Tome of Names more valuable (only one mastery provides RR, so every drop of it is precious). Eternity relic also inclines towards off-hand usage. And we have Stormbearers, they do not have Cold Damage and more suitable for full Invoker set (no Slow res is also bad).

Just for fun, I did not expect such “good” time results, thought it would be half an hour fight :grin:.

That is true. Unfortunately, devs do not want players have fun with PRM, you have to choose - sustain or fully-pumped skill line. Even DEE is easier to build.

That is why IEE exists :slightly_smiling_face:. Of course, halved, but decent nonetheless.

Something like making living arcane bombs out of your enemies? Sound really good! :+1: Not at this stage of the game, but maybe in GD 2.

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You can sacrifice the left nod of Attack Seru and get the Wayward Soul.

Yes, I can. But do not want. A situational small healing with excessive DA and Armor (for Mage Hunters :roll_eyes:) is not worth much. On the contrary, 100% Elemental Damage and some flat in one node looks nice :slightly_smiling_face:. Chariot nodes were taken for huge amount of OA and some Slow res.