[] Behemoth - Physical AAR Templar [SR100] [4.25 crucible] [All celestials]

Hey, this is an awesome build! I wish I would have had the file for testing, but my hastily thrown together version is still great. I was just testing it out and got a sweet SR80 (where the time was fast despite me derping about.) https://youtu.be/nQZHufrOHAc

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Glad that you liked it. And congrats with results!
Anyway, if you’re still interested in character file, here it is:
_Behemoth (s).zip (1.4 MB)

Thanks so much. I will def be testing it more!

Thanks for this build. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ll make a new alt just to use an item I’ve never used before. For this build, it was the Deathstalker relic.

Glad that someone liked it.
Deathstalker is the best physical relic currently, so it’s quite meta. Even beats soldier’s relics on DK.

All hail @Stupid_Dragon for leveling guide!

See, Templar turned out completely easy peasy to level.

So, what other classes are too arcane for you guys? :rofl:

  • Warder, because having two broken levelling skills isn’t enough!
  • Saboteur, because can’t think outside of DW Melee box!
  • Apostate, because we need beginner guides for every class, even though there would be noone insane enough to follow it.

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DK phys arc, you know why

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Can’t undo my buffs when there is no Nullyfication involved.

I wonder how items like this or this and even this belt could work while leveling with phys AAR or even for a budget endgame setup until you get essence of the grim dawn.

@grey-maybe Also what do you think of Albrecht’s Duality ring instead of Sethris? The proc is full physical and it hardcaps disintegration too.

You may have all conversions in the world, but if your skill remains at 16/16 and no skill modifiers it won’t be doing that much damage. And if you pursue skill bonuses then you won’t stack enough %physical, which still means your damage would be lowish.

It’s certainly better damage-wise, but resistances are funky with it. With DR greens shouldn’t be a problem ofc.

Damn, I didnt know converted physical damage ignores armor. In that case the spellscourge build I theorycrafted might actualy be pretty good. I have to try it out later

I was just about to craft an essence of the grim dawn but realized it’s the non mythical version. Is it not possible to transition to this build till I’ve gotten the Amulet to drop? I had just gotten the 1h/OH and was so excited to transition lol

yes, if you have scales+belt then it should be possible to sustain, outside of deep shards. but %adcth to aar is still very important.


so overall it seems like build was nerfed a bit, however since all %resist values on augment been increased, now it’s possible to take albrecht’s ring and get even more damage. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqw8wM2

got lucky with 2 stars so the run is pretty fast.

UPD: it seems like i forgot to softcap fabric of reality to get even more damage -_-



im wondering why you would take albrechts ring - since it seems to me that it doesnt give you any additional dmg (besides the casting speed and OA)

Thanks in advance for clarifying that!

Greetings - and thanks for this enjoyable build

It actually gives more damage than physical one, 'cause it hardcaps disintegration and has proc, that gets fully converts into physical damage.

Glad that you liked it and welcome to the forum!

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How are you sustaining energy? I find myself going dry semi frequently. I was doing Morgoneth earlier and went dry before killing him (also worth noting the +70% health mutator was active)

scales constellation + energy potion should be enough to sustain your mana pool.

@grey-maybe I guess one can take some points from elemental balance and get mental alacrity to 10/10?