[] Valguur`s Hunger. Full game content. 100 SR. 150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners. Callagadra, Ravager, Avatar, Crate of Entertainment, Lokarr, Bourbon clones, Mad Queen

Hello everyone. I would like to show the Valguur`s Hunger tank build. The builds I collected earlier with the Valguur set could not tank the face of such super bosses as Callagadra. Increasing physical resistance solved that problem. Also thanks for the Decree of Malmuth buff, it gave another source of health regeneration from the totems. The build showed good survivability. The results are on the video below.

Just a harmless joke, for those who will understand. :sweat_smile:

GT: Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

100 SR

150-170 crucible extra spawn without buffs and banners




Crate of Entertainment. Bug?


Bourbon clones

Mad queen


How to go about leveling this build? Should i use Bloody Pox skill or just stick to Sigil of Consumption. Sry for the noobish question new player here. Thanks in advance ^^

Id say sigil as bonewall is early in the game available aready

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You can check my guide. It might be from older patch but it’s viable. Hope it will help you.

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Thank you very much for that <3 Also another general question: Are these kinds of builds fun to play? My first character was Forcewave DK and i was able to down Lokarr on my first playthrough its a good build but it gets a bit boring from all the forcewave spamming also when i get - to cast speed from elite mobs it really slows me down and kinda annoys me. So yeah i hope that build is fun to play!