[] Vanquisher Templar (SR 80, Crucible 4:20, All Celestials)

Vanquisher has been hit by some nerfs the latest patches and i wanted to try and optimize my prior version a bit more. The set seems to be in a good spot still and able to tackle most content with good piloting.



Judicator rings may seem odd but i like how they fit here. They provide reliable damage reduction and flat RR while somewhat salvaging atrocious DA. Resists can be a bit tight and needs to be solved with some well rolled pants, probably with either stonehide or impervious prefix. Since its a low RR build i went for a lot of racial dmg with components, medal and relic.

Shattered Realm

A lot of attacks can be avoided by longer vire charges, i wanted to push the kill timer and played a bit reckless.

Callagadra by @Retal_Abuser

Pretty tricky with all the freeze/petrify disruption.


Lazy build post but maybe someone will find it useful!
Credits to @mad_lee for some min maxing suggestions and celestial speedrunner @Retal_Abuser


Hi there,
thanks for posting the updated version
Would using a Cinderscorn axe yield a better damage output?

Warpfire has 200% fire/burn dmg more than Cinderscorn, +87% burn duration, and -15% RR, more skills bonus too. I tested both, WF is far superior.

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Hmmm now that I’ve completed the build, Warpfire does feel at least on par with with Cinderscorn, though the sheet dps for Cinderscorn might be quite misleading (with a sheet dps of 20% over Warpfire since it has +2 Vire’s Might and Inferno)

Does burn duration matter when you’re constantly refreshing your Vire’s Might anyway? Or do the fire trails stack?

Cinderscorn only adds the flat burn to the initial rush from VM. Most of the VM damage is done from stacking Volcanic Stride over and over. Burn duration does matter because it will cause crit burns to last longer and this build has a ton of burn damage as well. While the two weapons might have similar sheet DPS, the -%RR and other mods noted make it way better against more difficult enemies like nemeses and Celestials.

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From my testing Warpfire outperformed Cinderscorn. Cinderscorn does feel nice though with some additional cdr for faster Vire’ing.