[ -] Soul Perceptible - Clairvoyant Aether/Vitality hybrid Cabalist [sr+][vid]

Rekt has a YouTube video that covers cabalist here:

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Thanks! The video above should be sufficient enough (I used Sigils of Consumption + Ravenous Earth, slowish but sturdy). This is an endgame build, so switch at level 94+ having all Core and Mandatory items in your stash :slightly_smiling_face:.


This is update:

  • Oblivion: increased % Weapon damage on the granted skill to 125%
  • Pulsing Shard: increased % Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for Albrecht’s Aether Ray to 8% and increased its % Crit damage modifier to 15%. Added 15% Attack damage Converted to Health modifier for Reap Spirit.
  • Chariot of the Dead: increased % Stun Resist to 20% and Health to 250
  • Empty Throne: increased % Freeze and % Stun Resists for player and pets to 25%. Increased % Aether, % Chaos and % Pierce Resists for pets to 15%.
  • Rattosh, the Veilwarden: increased Health to 350
  • Scales of Ulcama: increased % Health to 6%, Health to 250 and % Run Speed to 6%
  • Wendigo: added 5% Run Speed. Increased % Health to 6% and Health to 250.
  • Wayward Soul: reduced Cooldown to 8s and Duration to 5s
  • Ill Omen: increased damage scaling with rank

The build is up-to-date. Have fun!

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I’ll admit that I don’t play a lot of your builds. (Caster-phobia lol, as well as increasingly less time put into copying others’ builds and more into my own) But the effort and dedication you put in deserves recognition! So, good job sir!

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Hello there! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here we are, looking at the build in patch. What is new?

  • Reduced Monster Vitality Resistance on Elite and Ultimate difficulties by 4% and 8%, respectively.
  • Increased Monster % Life Leech Resist. This makes % Attack damage Converted to Health less effective. On Ultimate difficulty, this is roughly a 30% reduction against an average boss. Defensive/healing abilities and Constellations have received a buff to compensate for this change.
  • Pulsing Shard: added % Vitality damage and increased % Crit damage modifier for Albrecht’s Aether Ray to 20%
  • Mythical Aethereach: increased Aether damage for pets to 21-33 and the bonus to Reap Spirit to +3
  • Mythical Voidwalker Footpads: reduced Cooldown on the granted skill
  • Mythical Wraithborne Legwraps: increased Health to 890
  • The Clairvoyant’s Focus Set: increased Aether damage modifier for Doom Bolt to 400
  • Mythical Clairvoyant’s Hat: increased Vitality Decay modifier for Reap Spirit to 300 / 5s
  • Mythical Clairvoyant’s Mantle: added +3 to Spectral Wrath
  • Mythical Clairvoyant’s Wand: increased Radius modifier for Doom Bolt to +2. Increased Aether damage modifiers for Albrecht’s Aether Ray and Reap Spirit to 70 and 400, respectively. Increased Heal on the skill proc.
  • Ghoul: increased Health Regeneration to 16 and % Health Regeneration to 30%
  • Rattosh the Veilwarden: added 45 Defensive Ability and 5% Physical Resist
  • Scales of Ulcama: reduced Energy Regeneration to 2.5 and incrased Health Regeneration to 30 and Defensive Ability to 45
  • Wendigo: increased Health to 300 and replaced % Physical Resist with 40 Defensive Ability
  • Ghoulish Hunger: added % Increased Healing (Forgotten Gods only) and added % Cast Speed
  • Mark of Rattosh: increased % Life Leech Resist Reduction to -10%
  • Wayward Soul: increased Armor scaling with rank
  • Blood of Dreeg: reduced Cooldown to 12s and increased Duration to 60s. Increased Energy Cost and Health Regeneration scaling with rank. Increased % Heal at scaling at ultimate ranks.
  • Mark of Torment: increased Energy Cost scaling with rank. Duration and Cooldown are now fixed at 5s and 16s, respectively. % Damage Absorption now starts at 15% and scales to 35% by rank 10, 50% by max ultimate rank.
  • Reap Spirit: added Vitality damage. Increased % Pet Attack damage on the Wraith’s special attacks, which now scale with rank.

Quite some buffs, I admit. And nerfs for life-leech :laughing:. Still the build perseveres. Added updated GT link with Plagius medal and new videos except for Mogdrogen.

Until next time!