[ –] Build Overview - Rancor/Bloodrager Bleed Trickster (SR75-80+)

Right, couldn’t reply last night, because my brain decided it was time-to-not-be-able-to-process-worbs.

Anyhow, thanks for the advice, as I usually try and facetank everything instead of running away when I should and forgot nullification was done via a slow moving projectile. So by repositioning I can finally avoid getting nullified, mostly. But due be autistic I oft get a bit overloaded and focus on the wrong stuff lawl.

As for circuit breakers - I usually set Ghoul to skills like Pneumatic Breath or Blood of Dreeg etc, which means if I get nullified I can just hit the button for those skills and get the proc back. Which has proven a lifesaver when gumbying it up in SR testing stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, now to up my SR game and git gud lawl. While my mules lament the tsunami of shoulders and pants coming their way.

Seriously, I’ve got so many nemi shoulders I might need a 2nd mule for them at this rate. And I’m only grabbing the ones with 3 or more resists to damage types + 4% or greater physical resistance O_O

use item assistant, gdstash or… there is another stash tool for stash swaps i keep forgetting the name tho

Got some boss kills to add:

Mad Queen:

Completely facetankable :3


Not facetankable sadly, but that’s because this build doesn’t have high fire resistance, even with a fire resist pot. Not as big an issue though since it can hit and run.

Screwed up recording Burbon, but it’s an easy, relatively safe and quick fight. Did use pots of course. Also hit Morgoneth and that was a facetank fight too. Will record them later™ because I got crap sleep as per usual…


Due to feeling too tired to do the shit I’m meant to do today I took this out for a quick spin through SR80-81. The low overcap on elemental resists is a problem if you get debuffed, but otherwise provided you isolate certain nemesi from enemies that can debuff you, you’ll be fine. Just remember this build isn’t a tank and you can’t stand in and facetank everything.

Just most things :crazy_face:

Also - due to the patch there’s 2 overcapped points in Savagery that can be put to other uses, so I put 1 point in Blade Barrier, because I Am A Gumby and 1 in Pneumatic Breath to up OA and healing a little bit.

But otherwise, this build looks like from my 4 runs pretty reliable for SR80-81 farming, got within the timer 3/4 times and only ran out of time due to trying to fight Valdaran while my resists were debuffed and died 4 times before I got the hint :upside_down_face: Ate a few sunders too and still managed to survive.