[ –] Build Overview - Ultos Warder (SR75-80)

But of course. The local mad lord himself, back in the flesh after his lengthy and untimely exile at the hands of the ruthless Zantai. :sweat_smile:

Kidding aside you’re one of the “OG’s” of this forum so yeah; that’s why I asked cause you’ll likely always know the state of any build in the current meta. Exceptionally well.

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Also can we get a rough sketch or an actual gt for that archon please?

Banana’s spec. Rings are a bit tough to get I think.


Well, I’d use chaos resistance pots for facing Grava :stuck_out_tongue: As it’s often difficult to get high chaos resistance. While Markovian Attack WPS skill reduces enemy’s DA that allows Upheaval to hit more often, as this build can’t get higher of OA.

But yeah, Ultos set needs some fixes to bring it up a bit. Not enough sleep on my end to give correct feedback ;-;

[edit] - I’m not editing the above, for it shows exactly why we all need sleeeeeeeeep. Or in my case, don’t read a book in bed for too long…

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