[ -] (2H Melee) It Bonks - Blazerush Elementalist [4:30 Crucible] [SR75-76] [All Celestials]

I noticed that I have way better fire res in-game rather than in GT (37% vs 14%) so for anyone struggling with it, replace the 18% cold res aug with 12/12 fire/cold for better overcaps.


Now that Bart’s Warmaul has had its attack arc buffed to 120 degrees, it might be interesting to see how it fares using the same sort of building techniques as this Blazerush build. Single target of course would be worse but AoE would be really interesting - multiple Upheavals can proc with each hit and they can overlap. I believe the Ultos set once supported this capability via Savagery but got nerfed.

In any case, it might be worth a try.

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yeah, but taking Fire Strike means skill points problem, attack speed, OA and slow res loss. Plus how do you intend to convert Lightning to Fire?

Those are problems for you guys to solve. :wink: I tried solving these problems before with little success; maybe you guys have better luck.

That’s what I was trying to say, that it’s just unfeasible on a conceptual level already. You need a strong synergy item or couple of items like Blazerush and Korvaak helmet for a melee Elementalist to work. Bart Maul just won’t cut it, I don’t think you can even reasonably gather enough skill points with it on a fire strike + upheaval kind build.

I don’t claim that the concept is either good or works (done in about 20 minutes) - but getting Fire Strike, lightning to fire conversion and low investment upheavel is at least possible (however the OA is too low for a crit hit build) - Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

quick retrofit of my lightning arcaneweaver elementalist
looks like the points are there, Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
other stats might be unsalvageable without going mega green, no idea
*also didn’t redo skill points for fire/etc, so doubt distribution or devos are optimal, just a quick gear swap to check fire strike and upheaval points

11k HP, reminds me of my own elementalist i had somewhere :joy:

edit, look at this shitter :rofl:

so you are not converting Lightning to Fire fully? Also no Brimstone (not criminal but it’s still ok damage on melee FS). But most importantly no added Upheval weapon damage. Idk, unless this produces the bugged interaction that triggers multiple Upheavals at the same time I can’t see it. Maybe I am too old.

who needs HP :innocent:
(well, actual I need them - can even easily die with 20k and one hit - but this is another story)

OK, no problem. I was kinda hoping somebody could make it work because it can be actually pretty neat and satisfying when there are multiple enemies.

Perhaps we can just settle for a more realistic goal of maximising the fun factor by stacking OA and attack speed and having just enough of everything else to be able to clear MC content without worrying about clear times.


That somebody could be you, builders are playing it too safe nowadays, cowards! :smiling_imp:

like i said, it was very quick item swap on my arcaneweaver/veilkeeper elementalist, so very few considerations were made

nop, back when i last messed around with this in a more serious manner i think i ended up that maxing upheaval was more important than full lightning conversion, so shoulders are probably not worth swapping, but maybe a ring could be

like i said, didn’t touch/redo points at all, just gear to check if points were even there

i think that’s going to be the saving grace/necessary regardless of conversion or reaching brimstone :sweat_smile:
like i said, unsure if stats can even be salvaged without 8 double rare MIs, this wasn’t so much a point as to the build concept being viable, but just as far as the skill points goes they are atleast possible


True, points are indeed possible. Cost of losing Korvaak helmet is something Elementalist can’t afford probably, it’s like ~13% attack speed from a helm slot and an insane proc (some decent flat as well).

I think we all have tried Elementalists at some point of our lives and all got traumatized by it so subconsiously we all want more interesting Elementalist builds to work.

Or am I projecting. :rofl:

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I loved that Savagery build when Ultos’ set added an extra target, which lasted for all of one patch (, if you’re curious). It was just super fast and simple and fun.

I started leveling this Blazerush build using Barthollem’s Warmaul and I can confirm that it can and will proc multiple Upheavals in a group.

Ascended Diadem gives 6% OA to Stormcaller’s Pact so it might be possible to create something similar to the old Ultos’ with the new attack radius on Barthollem’s, but as @Gnomish_Inquisition said, it will take a ton of MIs. I started a Grimtools (didn’t finish cuz it was so fantastical) and at least the weapon, head, chest, and amulet were MIs. And the shoulders, pants, rings and belt should probably be MIs, too. But possible!

And another way trying to build such a guy - 5 MIs - lots of aggressive - but the OA is now better, upheavel at 20/20, no conversion, health still 11k, some resistance are rather low, and the damage is much much lower - Elementalist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

and for fun - prop to crit 0 up to 4 enemies with a ctc of 40% (and assuming there are always 4 enemies around)

    0     1     2     3     4 
12.89 34.80 34.54 15.15  2.62 

updated the build to the version, added new videos for cr/sr and superbosses except avatar.

build got a bit more hp (which is nice) and damage, bit less oa and da, so nothing changed drastically - it’s pretty good.

I noticed that the version is included in the New Top 20 excel sheet, not the version. Is that because the version maintains the higher OA thus more Upheavals?

not sure I understood your question correctly. a couple of Blazerush specs were tested for second top-20 list but none made it in. also in 1.2.1 it lost sth like 200 OA with Tempest affix nerf, so…

You answered my question. I meant the version that was included in testing which can be found on the shared google document/sheet, not that it made the top 10. Fun build.