[] Bleed Me a River: 4:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shard 100, Ravager facetank, All Celestials bleeding hybrid Trickster by mad_lee [vid][g4][everything+]

*Still making builds from beyond the grave


This is my favourite build from the builds that I’ve put together lately: it’s one of the very few Bleeding builds that combines unparalleled (for Bleeding builds) consistency with the very respectable damage output. Besides that, it’s very versatile and relatively easily completes all of the endgame challenges in Grim Dawn.

The Build

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

Drop one point into Ring of Steel transmuter for better crowd control

*Craft for %physique and Energy Regeneration
**Physical resist affix on a shield is a must for optimal build’s performance
***For Celestial fights use Solael’s 150hp/16da armor augments while covering relevant resists

Bloody F.A.Q.

But weren’t Blade Spirits nerfed in the Public Test patch?
Yes, but Scarab’s Shell bonuses have been fixed even so build’s performance improved a little, I’ve tested it.

Are Wendigo Totem and Dryad the only real healing sources here? How does this work?
Elite top-builder’s magic. (but honestly, it’s the combination of multiple defensive layers: damage absorption, damage reduction, high hp and physical resistance, high OA shred, etc.)

Isn’t Guthook Belt a better offensive option? And you can get damage reduction from Attuned Lodestone.
While it is a better offensive option (albeit marginally), consistent damage reduction from Lacerator Girdle in a radius is really what makes this tank shine

Gear/Skills and Devotions/Leveling

Skill distribution is pretty standard, the devotion route includes almost every Bleeding devotion, with the only “weak” link being Crane, but unfortunately Crate added very few pure yellow devos. Most gear pieces should be easy to farm, except the medal.

How to level through your first 30 levels
Faction choices
Devotion order for levelling


Just watch the videos to learn how to play the build. Should be pretty easy.



Videos Shard 75-76 6:52 run (no short rooms) Crucible Gladiator 150-170 “naked” extra spawn 5:50 run Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:30 run Crate of Entertainment 36 seconds Shard 90 boss room with few deaths Shard 100 boss room with quite a few deaths Crucible Gladiator 150-170 “naked” extra spawn 6:08 run Callagadra kill 4:07 Ravager facetank kill 2:32 Mogdrogen kill 2:42

In Conclusion

Shoutout to @grey-maybe and @ricardi0 for pioneering this shield in the endgame Tricksters.


link was fixed


Fixed, thanks. Also thanks @tqFan who reported the same in pm.

@mad_lee I’ll be deducting that from your paycheck!


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Been playing this every day for 2 weeks or so. So glad he finally posted it. Absolutely incredible build. One of my favs in a looooong time. Mad_Lee is still the god of all builders. Genius build.

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Fun as this is, let’s stay on topic please.

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I just noticed there’s no story. And I thought you were gonna take the time to write one. Disappointing Mr. Lee

I told him the same thing. He sent me the link and said it was posted and I eagerly clicked it looking for the next lee story, and it wasn’t there. The elite toxic build without the heartwarming story might just tilt some people right off their gaming chairs haha


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Hi all ! I am newbie grim dawn. I would like to ask pls leveling guide in grimtools lvl 30/60/100 thy helping


  1. Start with Shaman.
  2. From level 2 to level 9 put 2 points into Devouring Swarm and 1 point into Shaman. It’s not an iron rule, if you feel like you’re running out of energy put points into Shaman bar instead.
  3. Once you hit level 10 open Nightblade and put all your points into Nightblade from now on. Also go to the Spirit Guide to take all points from Shaman mastery bar and put them into Nightblade mastery bar instead. Your goal is to reach Blade Spirit by around level 25. To make things slightly easier you can get 12/12 Anatomy of Murder once you reach 20 points in Nightblade bar. This will boost your Devouring Swarm damage. Later on you can take points out of Anatomy of Murder to get Blade Spirits faster.
  4. After you’re done with Act 1 an NPC will appear near the place you started out, it’s hard to miss. It’ll open a portal to Forgotten Gods campaign for you. There you need to go through the quest chain, join one of the three cults, and then go out of the town into the desert. You’ll find Scarab enemies soon enough, they drop scarab shields. There are two types of them, you need one that adds bleeding damage to Blade Spirits.
  5. For stats your first 11 points should go into Physique, then start putting points into cunning.
  6. As for devotions start with Crossroads (purple) -> Falcon (bind proc to Devouring Swarm) -> Crossroads (green) -> Crossroads (red) -> Jackal -> The Huntress (bind proc to Blade Spirits)

Should be enough to get started and carry you to levels 30+. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply Stupid_Dragon ! :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

Hi again ! :smiley: I would like to thank you for this build mad_lee and leveling guide Stupid_Dragon ! I just finished vanilla campaign. i really enjoy this build. My first caracter SSF in grim dawn https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zjGLv2. Thanks again for this description. Sorry for the wrong language.

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As a still new’ish player following this guide are there any required factions to join for this build?

The only tricky thing here is whether to be friends with Barrowholm or not.
The build uses weapon augment that comes from Barrowholm, which is probably the best augment for pure bleed damage builds. While not technically irreplaceable you do want access to it.
On the other hand the pants the build uses drop from enemy that spawns only if you’re enemies with Barrowholm. But as you can still get the pants in Shattered Realm and some claim that it’s a better way than running around looking for that mutt across the whole Ugdenbog then this isn’t forcing your hand either.

There’s also a method you can use to get best of both worlds - be friends with barrowholm on normal/elite, max out their reputation, buy everything you could possibly need (learn blueprints, stockpile augments) and then betray them on the last difficulty to have access to farming the pants without going into SR / Crucible. If you’re not going to do that then it’s probably better to be friends with Barrowholm and get the pants in SR than the alternative.

Other faction choices shouldn’t matter for this build.


Hi Stupid_Dragon! I would like to thank you for this build . Love it. I don’t have much experience in this game. About 15-20 hours :frowning: The leveling guide is very understandable . That would be my question since I don’t have much stuff what weapon / relick you recommend for leveling. Thank you for helping answer nice day :smiley:

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For weapon I think you should use either Bonespike or Wendigo Claw.
Levelling relics for bleeding aren’t good so I’d say go with Slaughter for +1 to Nightblade.