Bugged skill modifiers


Mythical Ulzuins Avatar set does not grant respective bonuses to Canister Bomb and Blast Shield. When i point the cursor over these skills, there are no modifiers on them.

i have similar issues with Pulsing Shard: there are no respective modifiers on AAR and Reap Spirit.

Bloodsworn Codex does not modify damage on Hellhound and Briarthons.

This is happening in

Am i missing something? Does anybody else have same problem?

I tried to reboot the game, checked updates, does not help.

Um, item skill modifiers do not appear on the skill tooltips in the game. That happens only in Grim Tools. Have you, perchance, been theorycrafting A LOT lately? :wink:


Oh well. I could have sworn they appeared previously. Working as intended then. Thanks for lettin me know.

Yes, I am so used to have all items skills modifiers in Grim Tools :slight_smile:

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