[] King Trozan: 4:20 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shard 100, All Celestials cold caster Druid by mad_lee [vid][g4][everything+]

Dunno if dragon or lee is the one who wrote this but I find it funny that the number 1 regen hater mentions regen as a big plus for the build :rofl: (yeah yeah I know it means heal procs and not just natural regen)

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It seems the kill times are somewhat similar to Dmt’s lightning based druid with storm totems that I have tried a little

In terms of damage, defensives, gearing, and devotions how would you say this build compares?

Lee wrote everything, I quite literally only pressed the Post Thread button.

Some people hire ghost writers but from today on I have my own ghost builder. :sunglasses:


This build is so rad. Been playing it a couple weeks and really loving it.

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This looks really interesting and I’d like to use it but am unsure on the best way to level it. Does anyone have any tips?

Develop Trozan / Arcanist, farm items somewhat as in the following guide and use Wind Devils / Storm Totems as additional DPS / devotion proccers. But follow devotions from the OP.

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Nice, thank you very much.

how well does it perform compared to this build? if this one is better i will switch


+one less MI.


Op is cold not lightning. So already better in my book. And less buttons.

guess i am switching

Hi Stupid_Dragon hi forum! I am beginner in the game. I really like it trozan build. My SSF first character https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYbPK72 . That would be my question with the build. Relick as it can be replaced /what is the budget option? Maybe Iskandra’s Balance is good? Thanks for the helpful answers

I’ve been leveling/playing this too and didn’t have the Eternity recipe until yesterday. I used Serenity first then Iskandra’s Balance (when i got that recipe). You’ll probably have to change your attribute allocation since Eternity (AND the belt) will let you skimp on physique.

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Thanks for the help :smiley: Unfortunately the serenity blueprint is not there. I have Iskandra’s Balance blueprint

I doubt there’s a relic that could compete with Eternity so while replacements exist they would be just temporary placeholders in the end. Iskandra’s Balance would certainly be the second most reasonable after Eternity.

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Thanks for all the helpful answers :relaxed: This is my character now https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GdWO5V. Goal lvl 70 Iskandra’s Balance, lvl 100 farm Eternity blueprient

Hello, I’m a fairly new player, I just started on this build as my first build, are you able to explain a bit more on how to get the devotions in your build? Thanks!


  1. Crossroads (green)
  2. Quill
  3. Scholar’s Light
  4. Crossroads (purple)
  5. Rhowan’s Crown (bind proc temporarily to Trozan’s Sky Shards)
  6. Crossroads (blue)
  7. Sailor’s Guide
  8. Amatok
  9. Crossroads (red)
  10. Jackal
  11. Behemoth
  12. Murmur
  13. Oklaine’s Lantern
  14. Remove Jackal
  15. Remove Crossroads (red)
  16. Remove Scholar’s Light
  17. Crossroads (yellow)
  18. Harvestman’s Scythe
  19. Remove Quill
  20. Remove Crossroads (purple)
  21. Remove Crossroads (green)
  22. Ghoul
  23. Ultos 5/6
  24. Wendigo 4 points

thank you so much!!! I’m really enjoying this build !

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I just started playing this game and this is a pretty fun build!

I’m level 46 and for skills should I be focusing on completing the arcanist tree before druid?