[] Luminari Godkiller: Ravager, Mogdrogen, Callagadra, Crucible 4:40, SR 75-76 Belgothian Infiltrator/Blademaster

Omg only 19k wpn dmg on 2.3k%dmg over 2.1k cunning? What has happened to Belgothian?

Setup looks good but isn’t Zoltan better than Markovian these days? Also do you really need that Serenity? Soldier side isn’t desperate. It seems it’s just for the res here. Also, Nightfall might be worth one point for better proccing and some minor heal.

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Not sure about Zolhan vs Markovian, gear supports the latter better so I took it. What is BiS relic for this set up in your opinion? And yes, Nightfall should have one point. My bad. I am debating switching pants for Grava’s for more rr, but %pierce and oa is hard to pass up with Oleron’ Rage. Is the rr worth it for what I lose?

how u guys get that high physical resist O_O,i cant understand

Probably temporary buffs clicked in Grim Tools ( :mens: icon in the lower right corner). Turn it off.

Hello, i have some questions,but before i ask there are some things i need to clarify:i have not put augments and components yet because i try farm with my other char some items for the build i dont have yet and i will complete as soon asi will have them.Also i think i need to finish some skill points quests.
This is my build atm https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2z1qbdN
Here we go:
1:What medal is best?

2:Redeemer of Malmouth or second belgothian or this one?

3: Are there any MI pants better than Realy Great Pants one?( so i can try farm it as i dont have RGP)Or at least and idea of a subtitute and what stats should i look for,

4:What rings should i use instead the ones i have until i have the ones in the build?

5:Any skill points allocation changes should i make?

Any suggestions for improvement or changes are welcomed.Sorry if i ask to many questions,and about my english

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1: I would take Cutthroat’s prefix, really good for flat pierce and % cunning.

2: 2nd Belgothian over that one, if you want to use Derma Slicer better affixes are Sinister Of Ruthlessness. But 2nd Belgo is fine, harder hitting WPS.

3: I am using Reaper’s Leggings. Pants are good, they give +3 to Oleron’s Rage and have slow res. Using affixes with % cunning prefix (Shrewd) and of Amarasta’s Flurry suffix.

4: on mobile rn (Grintools not working so good) but those rings should be fine until you get ones that you want. Below is someone asking similar questions, I have my take on the classic Belgo build in that thread. Cheers hope this helps.

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Thank you very much for the reply.I learned alot.should i put 3 points in the blattlecry transmuter for the RR?.I have 5 more skillpoints to allocate and i wonder if i left warcry at 7 and put 3 in transmuter and i domt know hte rest yet

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Hmm you don’t have scales for flat rr in devotions? If not you can use these https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9110

And I would try to get Warcry to 12 at least, damage reduction is hugely valuable.

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I do have scales, but i believed that some aditional RR wont hurt.I will put warcry to 12, thx for the tip.After i do the skill poinst quests in legendary( if i have remaining) where should i put the 1-2 points remaining?

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Well with flat rr, it doesn’t stack. So take the highest one with lowest investment, in this case scales.

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I see, i dint knew that,btw i just edited my previous reply:D if u dont mind looking

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I would get military conditioning to 10 or 12. Drop Menhir’s will, because it doesn’t activate off of DW. Scars of Battle for extra armor absorption, 7/8 should be fine with right components. I don’t know if you want an extra button, but Ring of Steel gives a chance to fumble opponents, plus good AoE, and using Gutworm’s medal will make it harder hitting. Also, your WPS is at 99%, try to get 100%. It doesn’t really matter at this point because you are still polishing build and waiting for gear. Just make sure that you don’t go over 100% in end result.

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Rly srry for the late reply(power went down for a second, and my internet takes from 15 mins to half of hour to strat, provider issue).As i was waiting to get internet i farmed the medal, to try get a better one and i droped a triple rare, but usseles and this( i think is the best so far)

I will do as u said( i also dont mind an extra button at all) ,how do i see my wps?I will get to you back after i make the changes a bit later(real life in the way:D)

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WPS are your weapon pool skills, so Belgo’s Shears, Markovian’s Advantage etc. The % chance to hit is what you look at, add them up and they should be 100 with proper tweaking.

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Married, with a baby, but i love you :laughing: .Thank you for all the advices, i will post if i have any other questions

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No worries glad to help.

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GT: Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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This old classic deserves the update. Current spec has incredible single target tankiness and maintains respectable damage/clearing speeds. Also build is rocking casual ~61 physical resist. Some greens on it will take some time to farm tho. I am not going to re-write the whole guide - let’s leave it like this for historical purposes (also I cba). Find grimtools in the op!

Here are some videos with current build’s performance: Callagadra 1:24 facetank kill Ravager 1:09 no pharma/no cluster kill SR 75-76 5:54 run


Blademaster is miles behind Inflitrator, i suppose?

Actually overall Blademaster will be faster and smoother to play due to better support from the set and better wps pool (also doesn’t have to cast anything). Infiltratror surpasses BM in tankiness however.