[] Over-resistant enemies in SR strike back

What equipment did Riggs give to that associate? :thinking: -110% Acid res RR, by the way.

Those moaning sounds :flushed:


Riggs Associates always seemed bullet spongy for me… they don’t really cause huge threats however when in combat with other powerful foes and nemeses, they become sorta cumbersome. I suppose that if they classify as human they can wear pretty powerful resist armor.

oh nice, had one like this one too a few runs ago but with crazy fire res instead.

also ur not wrong… WTF is with these moans?! :rofl:
sounds like someone snuck in a clip from a porn movie or some shit ngl XD


I swear it was in the game, really :rofl:.

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Very sus…

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weird, i just tried a couple of the campaign “quest” version, and not getting those porn sounds there, wonder if these are special “SR horny Associates”? :no_mouth:

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Time to look for them in SR then! :grin:

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Found the same mistress and yes - no…, ahem, “sounds”.

Another SR encounter is needed :neutral_face:.

Now it sounds like gunshots or far away artillery fire in the background when u hit her…
WTF is going on at ur place @Willnoword ?! :scream:

Usual sounds of spinning (as for EoR) and blades slicing when hitting Associate :man_shrugging:. Only Sound Effects toggle had been left, no background/music.

On theme topic. - current patch - has this feature:

  • Human enemies can now equip at most one piece of armor or accessory to remove the possibility of overlapping % Resist bonuses that make these monsters difficult to kill

If we take a nasty %Acid double-res rare piece of armor or accessory with up to 81% on prefix and up to 28 on suffix, it will be 109% total. Add this to my case, which has 47% native, and we get 109 + 47 = 156% Acid res. The build in question has 110% Acid RR. I would like to ask a question - does that fight look like 156 - 110 = 46% res? :thinking: For me - no, it is not.

V1.1.9.8 largely addressed this issue, but we missed Riggs’ associates. Those will be consistent with other humanoids in SR in v1.2.