[] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr+]

This build is stupid fun. Thanks for sharing.


2 anubars rings still using in savagery version. This version is without savagery, so there are different rings, pants, boots, devotions and skill tree. And this version is obviously better

Ofc it will work look in budget version. Boots are craftable, so its not hard to get them

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Could you give some advice how to craft the boots less expensive? Just spent 10kk to try but nothing
And what smith should i use? mb this is the reason

Smith only provide different crafting bonuses.

Here is budget version posted in the thread https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk5AQ4V

I am not an expert, but the prefixes on the pants (bysmiel farm) and the boots (craft) are what you are looking for. Then see the affixes as “cherry on top”. And of course you can swap the prefixes, you want thunderstruck and consecrated all in all. BTW I am not even sure you even need thunderstruck tbh. What you could do is to remove all affixes and armor augments and see what the build lacks - then try to get as good pants and boots as possible then fit the resistance gaps with the armor augments.

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You can easily swap boots with Mythical Stormtitan Treads, something like this:
Furthermore, you can swap Seal of Blades with Seal of Might, which will help with resistances. The only thing I am not sure here is losing 5% life leech, but with 20+ leech, 5% should be nothing anyway (have to test it). Alternatively, you can leave Seal of Blades and swap Restless Remains with Unholy Inscription in gloves.
That only leaves Pierce res being kinda low on overcap, but hey, that you only need for Calla, right? :wink:

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Thanks for sharing the build! :slight_smile:

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I’ve got everything except the boots and pants - have Stormtitans instead, but I’m struggling in SR 20+ !

Am giving up on the toon until I find them. Greens are a PITA

You can not seriously think that it is the boots that makes you go beyond SR20? :sweat_smile: You just need to play better


I think its the pants and some of the augments TBH. My crappy Octavius Warlord is much better which surprised me.

Nothing special about pants either.

Easier if you just share build and we can see if its crap or not

Is save file also updated? thanks for the build

Yes, save file is for 1190 patch

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I was wondering the reason behind similar build with savagery is just because of the extra OA and attack speed?

but switching between that skill with primal strike is kind of pain in the ass?
or the buff can last quite a while?

buff can last for a while yes still pain in ass

Thanks for the awesome build! I appreciate the time that goes into testing and refining. I have had fun leveling my warder to 100 on ultimate. Once there, I recreated your shattered realm build almost to a tee, including skills and devotions. I wanted to use this character to farm SR 75-76. The only thing that I don’t mirror in the build is the boots and pants. I have replacements that I think cover the needed resistances (see grim tools link below) and the stats appear to be close to yours. However, I am getting creamed in SR 60-65, let alone 75-76. I’ve reset several times to see if I can get in any runs without dying, and can’t - in particular when I face Grava or Kuba in the boss rooms. If I could kite Kuba around, I can kill him - but often run into other bosses and die. Grava just one shots me after 20 seconds. I am wondering if the boots and pants are keeping me from your achievements (from prior posts it seems not)? I am open to this being pilot error, but I have cleared SR 75-76 with a chaos AAR warlock so I’m not a complete noob. I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone for how to make mine better. Here is my build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jR4O02

Everything looks good on paper, component was missing from boots, put Ugdenbog Leather there.
Dont really see what the problem is here with Kuba, I am able to fully facetank him with similar stats.
Regarding Grava, he got nullify, which removes all your auras, which I suspect explains insta rip after 20 seconds :wink: Just look up some videos about fighting him and make sure you run away when needed.

Just got some additional tests with grava and kuba at 75. Kuba is a joke, grava’s only problem-nullification balls-you always have to kite them on all chars. Will upload vid later

Thanks! I am relieved that it seems at least good on paper. I will add the leather (somehow missed it). The thing that looks really different in my fights from the videos is the amount of damage I am doing - its just not as high. I just cant figure out whats missing. This implies that I may be playing it wrong, so I will keep trying.

kuba in 76’s boss room, can’t catch grava on video yet