[] A hunting witch - Dreeg's acid DEE Witch hunter [7 minutes Crucible+, SR81]


Continuing my chosen build theme of “god why”, here’s a spam DEE Sentinel build s̶t̶o̶l̶e̶n̶ adapted for Witch hunter use. 1.2 general polish and universal dodge make it a concept worth putting out. Credit to @grey-maybe and @thejabrixone for their respective builds setting me on this journey.

GT link: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Playstile: is absolutely schizophrenic. Your main skill is ranged, you’re generally fragile and inclined to stay at distance, but your support skills and health leeching demand melee range, and full damage potential only happens when facetanking hordes. The resulting gameplay rewards extremely aggressive repositioning, and only became truly functional with 1.2. Blast in with SS, apply Lethal momentum, cleave things with DEE and orbiting skills and retreat to finish things off from afar.


Very strong AOE - native DEE area of effect combined with penetration from the set make the build thrive in multitarget environments. Both your damage and your lifeleech skyrocket with more enemies to hit.

Highly mobile - dodge, SS and mobility skill easily send you across the screen, allowing you to freely choose the angle of attack, take out supporting monsters in the backline, and cleave enemies with Eye of Shuroth and Guardian’s gaze.

Relatively fragile - your HP isn’t stellar, and your lifeleech is dependent on big hordes and you staying in melee range with them, so can’t be entirely relied upon. Dodging sunder is absolutely mandatory. 2 healing skills help whenever your leech runs dry, but build requires caution and very quick decision making.


Relic - can be swapped with Serenity for reduced damage but more consistent survivability.

Those greens - being entirely honest, build isn’t that good to be run without them. Offhand is absolutely mandatory, so is the medal, and the ring can be replaced, but with another Shuroth. So we’re firmly in the fantasy gearing scenario anyway. Just GDstash it.

Endgame performance:


SR 81 with 1 death, still finished on timer. Managed to survive pulling both Moosa and Grava on this suck-ass arena. 80-81 and anything below is consistently farmable.

SR 85, with deaths. Deathless is possible, but requires extreme finesse to pull off.


Full buffs with extra spawn at 7.04. Uneventful and relatively safe clear.

Full buffs without extra spawn, at 6.57. Zantarin is a bitch.


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