[] Return of the Rogue: CR 4.10 / SR 90 / <1min Ravager tanky DW Melee Saboteur by mad_lee

It’s actually an awesome build :slight_smile: ive never seen any build actually use both nex and ortus effectively, they always seemed to not go very well together but you make it work.

Time to roll a sab lol

Oops. Good eye.

You didn’t lose the edge, I see. Quality run.

You must have missed N&O was in every second build posted. It was nerfed and remodeled for strictly saboteur use. But it’s still a very good weapon set.

Is a Fire variation any good?

The build is awesome but still is a weaker Deathmarked Infiltrator/BM.

My Sabo was build based on old JaJaJa`s DW fire build - DW melee Fire is something i havent been made successfuly since vanilla.

But i am really burned out on playing Cold based DW builds hence really think the Sabo should be Fire based/

There’s, expect Nex & Ortus, pretty much no good fire weapons for DW I’m afraid. There’s a few MI that maybe work, but I don’t like to rely on rares. Cold has a lot of good weapons but fire mainly has them in two handers and ranged for some reason.

Sabo could use some love from dev. Crate exclusively gave this class a pair of the best swords in the game but didn’t give any gear to support them.

Oof, look who is back. And what a glorious come back it is. Thanks a lot for the video and for taking this one for a spin. Double meteor death is unfortunate but under RR and DA debuffs (and even without them) two meteors would certainly kill most builds. Glad build worked as advertised in your hands.

Will be adding your video to the op.

Yes, this sabo is inferior to Deathmarked, because Deathmarked is quite a bit overtuned and also Sabouter is a very weak/anti-synergetic class combination with weak support from gear. But at least this build gives Sabo some identity. Because it really has none, it’s indeed a “forgotten class”.

Fire variation would be pretty weak I reckon. I haven’t tested pure fire Sabo, but I did test dual elemental one, and it was weaker. I also did an extensive testing of a Fire Dervish however (some different gear combinations, but core of the build was full or 3 piece Justicar with one or two Soulblades), a much stronger fire Nightblade (better melee autoattack, passive RR, fire WPS, Ascension, bunch of cc-res, etc.) and was kinda disappointed in its performance. Long story short, fire needs RR support from both masteries or a very strong skill/items support to work properly and melee Fire builds were always weaker than Cold ones.

EDIT: Also, hoarding flat damage on autoattacking fire builds is a pain.

I think it’s also because nightblade has zero synergy with fire, while demo has some synergy with cold through mines and that new belt.

More like just stopping by for a visit :slight_smile: Alas, my interest in GD is fading, i might pop in now and then in the future but for now, i find myself not really playing much anymore.

Really nice Madlee!
I remember that Valinov linked a SR saboteur with N/O in one of nery’s thread. Glad to see the full execution of that concept. It definitely helps saboteur on defensive properties they desperately need.

SR set needs some more build posted. It’s one of my current favorite set. I have an Acid SR Dervish ready and might post it today or tomorrow. It’s really good for supporting builds that only need weapons, medal, or gloves to strengthen their main skill.

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Stay a bit longer, man, we have more good builds incoming!

Thanks, Jabrix. Damn Valinov keeps getting credit for that idea! But I even admitted in the guide that the idea wasn’t new, although I honestly don’t know where I saw or heard it first

What’s the point in good build incoming ? They will be nerfed anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok,just for comparing,here’s Valinov Saboteur link from my threadhttps://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV74zQJZ

Crate won’t nerf Sabouter. There is no reason to.

Valinov was on the right track for sure (although it’s gotta be a draft, he is taking RoS and Flashbang at the same time for some reason). I think I saw or heard about N&O Sabo wearing SR set right after FG was out, so quite some time ago. Quite possible it was Valinov who showed it to me back then.

I actually just got the idea of making an SR set N&O Sabouter few days ago. And for comparison, my initial draft looked like that, gt link under the video.

There are a bunch of fire 1h but yeah, none of them are particularly good for dual wield. I think maybe this is something crate needs to look into.

All the decent ones seem to be for oathkeeper. there is blazeheart but its kinda crappy and who ever plays dual wield melee defiler?

Soulblade is very strong for Oathkeeper based fire builds. Problem is finding a class to pair it with to create a real top-tier DW melee fire build.

Added Fire Strike damage breakdown to the original post.

I actually created dw Paladin,will be posted probably tomorrow.Damage,especially single target is not spectacular,but I picked offensive devotions for compensation and is not top tier,but if you can beat 170 and SR 75, it’s not that bad.

Problem is, Paladin can be a god-tier build, by choosing to go DW-melee on it you are effectively gimping its potentional, imo. I really can’t think of top-tier Fire melee specs outside of Forcewave.

You’re right ofc,Paladin should work whatever style you choose.For top tier Virtue was,but is not really melee,Infernal Brimstone maybe?The problem with fire is that most of the enemies have super crazy resistances.Also for damage is hard to stack huge flat and for dw you don’t have wps skills in fire RR masteries.

i find this a bit annoying, traditionally paladins excel with a sword and shield, or even a 2h or dual wield like in baldurs gate 2. Caster paladin being the top paladin spec just seems off to me.

Yeah I saw the earlier build posted, nice to see how well it performs. Gives me a reason to keep pushing through SR to get that last piece haha.

I’m thinking about a Forcewave Tactician using Mythical Arcanor, I think that SR set might work well with that. We definitely need to see more done with SR set though, it opens up a lot of builds imo.

We go little off topic,but yes can work,but you have sacrifice Spellgaze helmet.With Censure offers less RR,I think it’s not gonna be quick.