[] Return of the Rogue: CR 4.10 / SR 90 / <1min Ravager tanky DW Melee Saboteur by mad_lee

Hey Mad Lee, thanks for posting this build.

Sab was my first build ever hence I read this thread with interest. Thank you for sharing.

You mentioned that this build is pretty resilient. In your experience, how tanky is it compared to other dual wield melee builds? I am looking for a build that can performed consistently but not necessarily the most efficient.


I would say close to the tankiest dual-wielders. It has very solid defensive stats (16k hp, increased max res, okay-ish overcaps, decent physical resist/armor, dodge/deflect), and the way its designed - it has multiple fail-safes like Shattered proc, Prismatic Diamond proc, Ghoul, Blast Shield, so it’s almost impossible to die in Crucible or in Main Campaign with it. Because before all those fail-safes run out everything is going to be dead. Problems start after Shard 75 versus certain bosses (mostly Grava or Slathzar), but those can be dealt with too with some skillful piloting.

EDIT: As you can see in post few posts above Mercymaker took it for a spin in Crucible and only managed to die once where he caught two Aleksander’s meteors at the same time while fighting Theodin.

nice build! :wink:

I may need to reevaluate my sabo! :wink:

nice build, my favourite 2 classes Update

Build was experiencing serious problems in Consistency was gone out of the window with new monsters buffs across the board, but safer Nidalla’s spec wasn’t doing enough damage. After few hours of min-maxing and moving around skill points/relics and stats I figured out a super reliable and super powerful spec that answers to the challenge of the new patch. It can farm Crucible consistently in 6:30-7 minutes and farm Shards 75-76 as well. Added new video of a 6:28 Crucible run.

Nice update, Lee!

I will test mine in order to support Sabo class. I am surprised, that original setup had some problems in Crucible, considering SR set and N&O procs. Offensively LA was slightly nerfed, but that’s been compensated by instant mines actiation.

After you do that please report your experience to my latest ideas and feedback thread :smile:

Will do that. In previous patch, tested few versions all with 100% success rate. One thing is sure, build will can’t do better :smile:

Decided to play this one again today, because how fun it is to play actually and pulled off a really lucky run with no Kuba and and no monsters stuck at spawn: 6:17 Crucible run.

A Shard video for you. Bad mutators and Grava on chunk 76. Due to recent monsters buffs 75-76 are harder for this build then they were. Sometimes it’s going to take 10 minutes and 0 deaths and sometimes expect to die few times and spend 15+ minutes due the randomness of Shattered Realm and how bad melee copes with SR in general.

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What’s a good way to level this build?
Like, what skills and devotions to prioritize as I level up?

You can level with ABB and go to Veil of shadows+Night’s chill early on. Then switch Fire Strike and Nightblade WPS skills. Or you can go with Shadow Strike heavy build.

Good weapons are for Shadow strike build- Spectral sword with the mod, for later Malkaddar blade and Chillstrife.

Devotion, standard route for my elemental builds is Bat, Quill, purple and elemental storm. Alternative is to start with Tsunami.

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Or just transmuted BWC and Themite mines :slight_smile:

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Decided to test this beast in Crucible in Made some tweaks and tested different devotion setups. Came back to the initial devotion map. Moved some skill points around to squeeze out a bit more damage. Added a video of 6:49 Crucible run.

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One of my favorite characters / builds!

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Like this build very much. Glad it’s still strong

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I love playing with this character from time to time, it’s so strong and fun. Capped Explosive Strike for a bit more optimal damage output so changed Grimtools link and added a video of 6:16 run.

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Wow! Cool build and great result. And my favourite cold damage.

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This MadLee guy and his Saboteur, what a result!

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How is this build in Any change…?