[] The Ghostmaster - Diviner Vitality Pet Ritualist [endgame] [full game content+]


AI art


Since pets now suffer against supers, I decided to experiment with immortal pets. The problem is: pets are immortal, but I am not. And I tried to solve this problem.



rsn My Live rsn
rsn Maxed rsn

Note: Live is my current legit gear after 30+ h gameplay.

Maxed is a perfect gear for this build.

Some gear explanation

Diviner’s Vision - the core of the build. Allows to summon up to 5 Reap Spitits. Head crafed for slow res.

Rings: Mythical Spiritbinder Glyph x 2 - elemental to vitality conversion for RS, +20% crit dmg and +150% vit dmg for pets. BiS.

Medal: Mythical Mark of Unlife - nice DA bonuses, crit dmg for pets and circuit breaker. BiS.

Relic: Bysmiel’s Domination - physical resist for us, +OA, +crit dmg and +total spd for pets. BiS.

Amulet: Death-Watcher Pendant - target farmable neck, passive 5% phys res, 15% healing and +1 to Necro. AND 5 second duration to Call of the Grave. BiS.

Weapon: Bargoll’s Core - target farmable, “2 Second Duration to Call of the Grave; Increases Health Regeneration by 100% to Call of the Grave; 15% Physical Resistance to Call of the Grave”. With Death-Watcher Pendant - increases the duration of Call of the Grave to 17 sec. With +СDR% and Time Dilation - the buff becomes permanent.

Belt: Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard - target farmable. w/ pet affixes or Mythical Spiritseeker Cord.

Pants: target farmable Dominator’s Bysmiel-Sect Legguards or Mythical Wildshorn Legguards

Vile Tincture and Wrath of the Beast Tincture as additional dmg boosts.




Ravager of Flesh
Ravager of Minds
Ravager of Souls
Crate of Entertainment



Crate of Entertainment + full pharma and cluster


Reserved /10char

Reserved /10char.


I did not expect time dilation of all things to make a comeback :smile:

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btw - if you can’t find a good Bargol roll during the endgame you can use Cryptstalker as a stand in, also gives some more skill points and RR :wink: Yes, it misses some things, but it’ll work for SR75-76 etc. Which in turn will give you the iron to buy this double rare Bargol’s Core from the vendor. Which is going to be exceedingly expensive. Like over 500K iron expensive.

Though any Bargol core with a pet roll should be useful for levelling.

Now as for levelling this beast - Skeletons, Skeletons, Skeletons, which combined with Devouring Swarm will carry you well through until you can unlock Reap Spirit. So max those out then go for the higher level skills and fill them out as need be.

Bargoll’s Core with literally any affixes + Death-Watcher Pendant with literally any affixes > all.

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…And I just managed to pass SR90-91 with this build very easily, despite getting that bloody boss room on 91. No issue though, just ran around and directed the ghosts one nemesi at a time.

Suspect this can push SR100, but I’m too gumby to try that.

Definitely one of the best pet builds available at the moment (sorries Maya) and relatively easy to play once it’s geared up it seems from my button fumbling runs today.

Findings from SR90-91.

  1. You will be slower at killing stuff, unless you use tinctures etc. But still not as fast as SR85-86.

  2. You can die now lawl. So try not to tank everything and draw enemies out when need be.

  3. Kaisan is now actually a threat, so either destroy his crystals or get away from them.

  4. Outcast etc are now also a much more serious threat, so use pots and play smart.

  5. Seeker of the Damned is still a total push over though and can be 1 phased, suspect Manifestations will be slightly harder. Gazer Prime is still a total waste of time though as you have to carve a path to it or die from lightning DoT stacks.

  6. Potentially can reach even deeper, but I’m beyond the point coffee can make me functional, so wont be plumbing the depths today.

  7. Oh and Wendigo Rush works well here, since it’s fast recharge makes you more mobile. Only used it because I was too lazy to craft Dark Progenitor, but mobility matters a lot more in deep SR so you can escape incoming threats.

And youtube finished processing early, so here’s one of my 3 SR90-91 runs:

And now to see if coffee can revive me, I have a feeling it wont…

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I can help with that :stuck_out_tongue: - https://i.imgur.com/8mnrPzB.jpeg

Build has insane dps even at SR 130 :drooling_face:


GSA which version of this build is better Live or Maxed.


Live is my legit gear after 30+ h gameplay.

Maxed is a perfect gear.

I should add this to the description. :slight_smile:

Btw @The_Mess used Live, @Maya used Maxed.


This looks awesome for the ritualist I just leveled using Maya’s Ishtar as a base. Thanks! Already have most of the gear and got super lucky with that exact pair of MI pants last night. First decent set of double rare sect pants.

2 Likes PT: the build was heavily nerfed in survivability and damage w/o any compensation. Since high damage is based on aggressive playstyle and tankiness, the build is probably dead. not so bad after some improvements. The build will lose a lot of damage and survivability, but hopefully it will still be alive.

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