[1.2] The Wretched Army - A Poison Pet Cabalist [new UPDATE with videos]

There’s been quite the discussion over at the Bugs forum as to whether Venom Launcher + Putrid Necklace conversion actually works. I’ll admit, I hadn’t vigorously looked into this as I assumed BoD’s conversion worked for all pets. If it ends up being the case that the conversion was meant for player only and the tooltip didn’t display that, I’ve been going through alternate ways to keep the flavor of this build (Skeletons taking advantage of 26/16 BoD while having Blight Fiends do the AoE work), and I’ll slowly replace the old guide with the current one.

For now, here’s the Grimtools (also in the OP):


  • Still has the Gun + Board feel!
  • Overcapped Manipulation for higher speed!
  • More % Pet Damage!
  • 20% More RR!
  • MI Requirements cut in half!
  • 450 OA Shred with almost base 2900 DA!
  • Damage Absorption out the wazoo!
  • Bird with the 10% Heals for only 2 points investment!
  • 21/12 Blight Burst!

Am I reading this right that each individual pet will add a stack of posion? So 15 pets could stack 15 instances of poison granted by the mythical viperfang gloves?

Your build looks interesting. Did someone test it in Crucible ? Is it viable ?

Yes, Viperfang gloves with Blood of Dreeg provides an aura where each pet can inflict flat Poison damage, not unlike Primal Bond and its ability to give pets flat Bleeding damage. That is why I go through the effort to put points in Raise Skeletons + Undead Legion, as the damage really stacks up.

Updated the equipment section in the OP. The other sections will come as I get the time to update them.

I’ve updated the OP tonight to edit my guide to further support the current Grimtools and added a FAQ related to the Crucible. I thought I’d have an easy time in the Crucible, but the build is prone to taking burst damage, so a few strong hits from a Nemesis can wipe me out early. I thought the 20,000 damage absorption from the Fiendflesh items would have sufficed while BoD and the on-attack heals are on cooldown. I know other Blight Fiend pet builds were able to get through Crucible easily, so I’ll have to improve my piloting skills to provide a good Crucible screenshot.

While I haven’t put a whole lot of effort into Blight Fiends yet, my experience so far is that they have wonderful area damage but their single target damage is not that great so nemesis tend to survive for a while, and because they only live 12 seconds with Unstable Anomaly they don’t hold agro all that well. So they are great paired with something like 2 x Familiars which are invincible and deal great single-target damage, but on their own they struggle a bit.

So does the gun and necklace conversion work via Blood of Dreeg on pets?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is it’s not necessary since there are some new goodies that provide conversion to poison / acid.

Write-up will some likely tomorrow morning, but this build is now better than it’s ever performed in the past.

Is this build still viable?

I can not speak for this build, but I am following something that may be similar and was updated this year: [] The Freak Show - Acid/Bleed Pet Ritualist [SR 65-66] [Vid] - #25 by SLima

Currently approaching 70 and enjoying the trip so far!

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It’s time we dust off this old build and give it the 1.2 update.

A complete overhaul of the build is in the first post and the second post contains video performances. It can do Crucible, SR, Ravager and Callagdra just like the other pet builds I’ve posted.

I’ll emphasize that Calla is very hard for this build and I’ve died multiple times trying to get a suitable SR speedrun; Crucible is much safer in terms of getting loot per run.

Anyways, enjoy the new Poison pets!