150 in crucible gladiator?

You all must be miraculous players cause I cant get get past 130 in CHALLENGER!!! I have pretty well equipped builds I think. Comes down to brutal hard damage and getting stunned even with 80% resist. Did things change? Harder now?. Just seems ridiculous. Even to get to 130 in challenger end up kiting with a tank build LMAO. BTW build tweaks don’t even seem to matter when getting smacked for 10k a hit LMAO. DA is at around 2600 does not matter. Not fun sorry.

laugh in Zantai

Imo, 2600 DA for crucible is way too low. I sometimes get destroyed with 3.5k constant DA, 17k HP, 10 - 17 % life steal (depends if I equip another lifegiver signet). 150 waves though, on gladiator is easy for me, till 160 is neutral, neither hard or easy, but wave 161+ is too much.

I don’t even play a tank, but a shield DK. I use “The Unstoppable” or something like that, it gives 200 +7% DA, overall focused on damage. If I use another shield, the difficulty increases by like 200% if not more. Use kiting characters, not melee.

Get blessings (HP+CC) and Stonewall banner, if you want to play a melee character.

Post you build using https://www.grimtools.com/calc/
You can upload your character file, so that is auto adds your skills, gear and devotions.

Even though Zantai said it’s the same 100-150 and just more monster diversity
it’s not really true. 130-140 Will test your build more than before especially 135-137. A lot of AoE and CC crap going around

Post your build maybe we can help

Yeah but LOL my frustration is i’m on 130 challenger LMAO! You would think I could clear that…I have tried with my 2 builds necro pet and storm warden and they both die at same place. Just cant keep up with the damage dealt…stun, crit, crit dead. I am open to the fact I may suck arse at crucible but really? How do you defend instant death? (storm has circuit breaker even so stun, crit, crit, crit, crit I guess I have +15k health on both which seems worthless)