1h Primal Strike, c'mon guys!

what synergy are you after? And why stop there, blitz with ranged weapons?

Welp, as I said, there’s more to that than just “flavor”. They would need to rebalance a whole lot of weapons, because people would start dual-wielding Dagallon pistols, and it would’ve been either borderline broken or complete utter garbage.

So they added Stormrend instead, which puts more emphasis on cooldown-based PS.

Like I said, I’m after chain-lightning dual-wielding spirit-based Trickster. And yes Stormrend kinda does the trick. It’s just I’d like to have it readily available :slight_smile:
Ranged Blitz could work for 2H ranged like you slam a group in front with the back end of your rifle to stun them. And throw a grenade at 'em. Ranged Blade Arc is harder to contextualize, I give you that.

Well yes, making 1-handed Primal Strike more available than Stormrend would add in more synergies, but at the same time, it’s important to have some restrictions to the masteries to give them their identities - like how Soldier excels with a Shield with some of it’s skills, Nightblade largely excelling with dual-wield melee, Inquisitor with ranged weaponry and expectedly Shaman with 2-handed weapons.

The only other nodes/line in Shaman that are restricted to 2-handed is the Brite Force line and the transmuter for Savagery, so I can understand them wanting to add a little more in somewhere and Primal Strike makes a little sense really emphasising Shaman’s tendency to swing a big stick and summon lightning for huge amounts of damage at the same time. Stormrend was added in later for the option of 1-handed Primal Strike for the people that want it whilst being easier to balance than allowing every other melee weapon to do it.

I understand it might not look or feel the same to you but if Stormrend or modding arn’t an option, you can get close to what you want with a Trickster with Savagery and a lot of Lightning-based procs from other places like Hand of Ultos, Reckless Tempest, Maelstrom and items like Glyph of the Storm Spirit.

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Guranteed drop https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/2818

All that said, guys, I kinda have to accept there’re quite a few options for lightning-wielding frenzy I’m looking for. So, thanks!

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