2 H Build suggestion

Hej guys…

I know there is many threads about 2 handed builds…

But so difficult to choose which one to go for

So i hoped someone could help me out to choose which one to try out…and a link for it maybe



Yes there is many threads with 2h build. And they’re a great source of inspiration.

The easier to play in the beginning could be a savagery warder, basically you pump up as many +%phys damage as you can and you kill with max savagery and some wps skill (feral hunger, markovian advantage and zolhan tech).

For devotion you’ll go behemoth and kraken first (that goes for any 2h build I think).

For a good beginning, whatever the build, you should choose a skill you like that will be your main damage dealer (savagery, primal strike, fire strike, blade arc …) and max it fast. When you’ve reach level 20 begin to up some resist/regen skills.

A firestrike comando would be similar in the beginning with max firestrike instead of savagery.

If you want a more nimble warrior you could go for a trickster or blademaster, with your main damage skill from soldier/shaman, and regen protect from nightblade (pneumatic burst is really good and veil of shadow is great too, but more for the latter level)

That’s for the more physical builds, hybrid builds are harder because you have less HP and regen and need a more active way of playing.
But battlemage, druid, witchblade are cool too.

I might be a little vague, but I think you have to test it a bit by yourself. If you don’t want to, scroll down a little on the forum to get all the informations you need.