2 QoL suggestions, cancel quest, shrink ground loot

i think there would be bennefit from being able to drop quests
you cant (currently) complete
(ie give X relic for bounty, blueprits are scarce and its possible you may NEVER
find/craft that relic, but as is your perma locked to that bounty quest)

also feel that having the option to shrink the loot tag of stuff on ground
would be helpfull, as sometimes it hides loot orbs and even npc’s
(ie; killed a bunch of stuff when restoring Mog’s shine but had to sell off
or relocate the loot so i could even see the npc let alone click him)

my suggestion is to shrink it to a simple coloured box,
taking less realestate on-screen,
and also makes loot kinda like a suprise egg, a cheap novelty factor
but entertaining for some,
shrinking loot tags makes it less obnoxious, rather than flicking through the
loot filter options constantly to hide so you can see the screen
then again to see whats all droped

Quest idea is a good idea. I sometimes pick up a quest and then decide this quest sucks and I wanna do it later, so I have to leave it in my quest list because Crate.

You can disable loot highlight in the menu or bottom left on the screen (upper left if we talk about the skill bar).

Also, I imagine you even highlight yellow items, because I’ve never had an issue where I pick up items and there is still tons of trash on the floor. If I need to see enemies etc instead of items, I press the menu button and go to options to disable item highlight on the floor (forgot how the heck you call that, item filter or something) and now I’m good to go.

its probably not a problem w/o mods,
but in some mods the screen can get covered filtering for green+ (to catch MI’s)
since i just leave trash on the ground like it belongs

tl;dr, its the best balance tween hiding loot compleatly,
and feeling like scrooge mc.duck swimming in a loot pool

if instead of the tag saying [preposterously gigantic item name of obstructing
the tags are just a coloured square
then you can use the coloured items mod to recolour MI’s
and ignore the greens then leave the mouse over tooltip on, to examine
epics and legendaries (and component orange to check for the ultra elusive blueprints)

just feel like it would make for a cleaner appearance
without having to toggle item filter
(cause for me, if i toggle it off, ill forget its off)

Recolouring MIs has been rejected many times by the devs due to the game being optimized for people with colour blindness problems.


A symbol was tried out in testing a while back, but wasn’t implemented.