2h Melee vs 2h Ranged

Is there any reason to play melee vindicator over ranged? Are there any possitive upside?

And if i go melee then isn`t seal useless?

Similar question to “is there any reason to play 2H Nightblade over DW”.

WPS is only one of the options the mastery provides.

Seal is one of the strongest skills in the game. But it will slow you down in MC regardless of whether you are ranged or melee.

Ok, i was thinking savagery or PS, without using box or totems? Or its even more insane?

And your answer was chosing between 2h or DW. Mine was - about same skills but ranged or melee.

Well the biggest difference between ranged and melee in this case is WPS available to Inquisitor (same as WPS skills available to Nightblade). The range doesn’t matter all that much, especially in endgame. The monsters will close the distance very fast and you have to stand still to get your dps in anyway.

Depends on the build. I think Ultos set doesn’t require no box or totem.

At the start i`m thinking of just levelling through the game :slight_smile:

Which also (as you say) include bosses who will close on me fast.