2H physical Forcewave Battlemage - Dovahkiin misadventures in Cairn

Really liking this build. I have a lvl 100 battlemage that I don’t know what to do with so I just might try this. Just out of curiosity do you think the build would work with a shield and Mythical earthsplitter for instance? Going sword and board might stretch the build too thin skill wise but if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

MyBowflex, propably this should work as well.

Updated second post - added Battlemage build on lightning Forcewave. Hope you will enjoy it. :smiley:

Updated the guide - added alternative build of physical BM based on Stormfire as spam attack skill and Forcewave w/o Tremor.

P.S: Not sure if this build should be added to Compendium as separate build.

Finally found time to update my old AoM Battlemage Dovahkiin build. Hope you will enjoy it.

Hi, im pretty new on GD and I wanted to know what’s the maxing skill order for the Dovahkiin build, ty :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome on forum! Do you mean by order how to level up the build?