2h Physical Warden, help me fix my build.

Hi guys,

This is my current build :


This is my first 100 Character, so the gear is what I’ve found so far (btw whats the best place, non Crucible to farm, I do Twin Falls run, Cronly and SOT, although I have some trouble with the last boss, I do the Mountain in the Malmouth Sewers but I normally die a couple times to him) so better gear is at the mercy of RNG.

What I want to know is what skill have I over cap and if I should change stuff around, I have potions to change Attributes and Constellations so any help would be apreciated.

I did get the Mythical Ultos’ Stormseeker axe, but have close to 0 Lightning gear.

I mean, your build is fine. I’d just change Mogdrogen’s Pact tree to 1/10/1 and focus on other defensive skills. Here’s a little fix: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9AeJaV

Overall, I only changed 4 skills iirc and devotions. The issue must be you, not your character. Focus a bit more on OA, don’t stay in one place using skills, move sometimes, kite.

Note: your OA should be at least 2500 if you want to make use of Assassin’s mark. I’ve managed to pick up 3 last tier devotions for more damage and survivability, but your OA makes you miss hits. 2500 OA is a stable 95 - 100% hit chance with a small chances of crit. Your resists and armor are fine, I’d personally drop some Chaos resist because I feel like chaos damage from enemies is way too low to bother having more than 70% (I’ve never died to a chaos monster, so this is why I say that). Seek for better shoulders, those ones are trash.

Thank you, I’ll try the changes and I’ll keep farming for better gear, I know it’s pretty bad right now.

So I made the changes you recommend, and I can already say it is making a big difference, I though the devotions could end up loosing me DPS, and while my sheet dps did drop, It still feels alright and the constant defensive procs are amazing.