2H Range Commando Max DPS Build

Hey guys, I really wanted some input and feedback on my current build.

For some background, I started off as a fire-burn pure demo looking to go for pyro and then decided I’d dump that for my appeal of the ranger: physical/pierce DPS.

So, now I’m level 67 and MAXING Physical + Pierce damage.
Im definitely a glass cannon at this point with 4.6k hp and pretty low resistances (I’m playing Elite atm).
My gear is clearly not maxed out but I’m usually the high damage dealer in the party, my DPS is at 17.5k.
Cunning 1250
Physique 485
Spirit 385
I wanted some advice on where to go with this, I obviously need to dump a lot more into resistances and Hp for survivability, especially because reflect mobs instantly rape me.

My nado’s crit for 45-60K, fire strikes hit for like 10-23K. I love the ranged 2H physical feel. Debating where to dump devotion now, along with what to do about the shitty survivability. At time I feel like Im forcing the build just for the lack of true Ranger feel in this game, but I think I’m going to make it work.

At times this build feels incredible, and other times I feel like a pile of junk being tossed around the map. Sorry that this post is kind of spastic and all over the place, if you want further details on my point distribution, masteries, devotion and plans please ask!