2H SPellBreaker Lev 30, looking for advice where to go

Hey all, wanted to post my build and see if anyone has some tips or pointers. So far this has been a lot of fun. Sometimes my boss/hero strategy seems to be kite, shadowstrike, Pop OFF, rinse, repeat but other than that I feel like its pretty solid. I have died a few times but almost every time it has been my fault, I don’t feel like it was the fault of the build. I am trying to Pump Cold, OA to get Crits, % to avoid for some additional defense, a well a sPierce where viable.

here is where I am at level 30:


For Devotions Right Now I have the Harpy and The Eel, my plan was to grab Dire Bear and almost have that constellation complete.

My plan was to go this way to level 40:

After this I am kinda torn. Part of me wants to push Arcanist up to mastery 50 and max out star pact for the skill cooldown and the insane cold damage. The other part of me wants to go the nightblade route to grab Nightfall to cap off my Shadow Strike.

For Devotions I am considering Trying to get Ghoul, Vulture and Revenant next as I feel like this could really help with survivability With maybe a long term goal of the Hourglass. Or Amatok if I’m focusing on the cold damage route.

Would love to hear peoples opinions or suggestions on this.

I would definitely max out Shadow Strike right now. And Olexra (but not AZ yet). Also you need at least some points in IEE for damage conversion.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Just found a small flaw in this build, I really don’t have anything to bind potential offensive abilities through devotions to which a few of the cold based devotions have (tsunami, blizzard). Bleh.

Thinking about dropping veil of shadow but wondering if that would be suicidal…