2H Warder Full Ulto's warder Primal Strike

I’m just wondering if the dps and best damage dealt are good? am new and just made this THOr build lol not sure if that’s a real thing but its very very strong SR/150+ usually doing Death’s Stones but like to transmute so I do regular Sr levels as well for mats. had two pics but new users can only upload one so only get to see best damge dealt and avatar of mogdrogen kill! lol dps is 450k on char sheet not sure if that’s high or not but its doing the job.
ps don’t mind the activate windows thingy its from upgrading from windows 9 to 10 and it pooched my install and im refusing to buy another key. lol principles and all :}

can you upload grim tools link?
You basically have double dps sheet compared one of the best primal strike warders I have seen on the forum [] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder without Savagery [c+] [sr+]


grimtools link?


You have 11k spirit and 117k health (based on picture you sent me via PM). This is not a legit char man.

@medea_fleecestealer I think this thread belongs in the modding section or bugs report.

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