2hd Paladin Style Build

Hey Guys,
I am new to the game and love it so far.
Anyone some Idea making a build for a fire-physical (trauma?) Build with a 2hd Hammer like a paladin?
Commando? Warder? Elementalist? Does anyone also love this playstyle?

Ty thus far

Witchblade + Blade Arc
Commando + Blade Arc/Firestrike

I cant post links at the moment, so my thoughts:
Shaman: Brute Force max, Wendigo max, Blood Pact 7
Primal Bond max
MP max, Heart of the Wild 2, Oak skin 1
Demo: Flame Touched + Temper max
Fire Strike, Expl. Strike, Searing Strike max, Brimstone 8
Ulzuins Chosen 8/10
Devotions Falcon, Scholars Light, Hammer, Hawk, Fiend, Lizard, Kraken, Dire bear, Oklaines Lantern…

Too squishy? Not enough active skills?

Too many damage types, not enough Brimstone.

Oklaine’s Lantern will grant you the bonuses only if you have equiped:
a) a dagger;
b) a focus (caster off-hand)

Kraken and Oklaine’s Lantern can not operate simultaneously. You choose one - either 2h / No Lantern OR caster weapons / no Kraken.

Also not a physical/fire build.

oh of course… didn’t know this.

But I wanna roleplay it, so I should replace shaman with soldier. So phys / Fire / Trauma. What do you think? Is fire strike even viable with a 2hd melee? Isnt there not enough AE dmg?

Warhammer of Heavenly Judgement to fit the theme

Some AoE comes from the WPS in the soldier’s tree (namely Zoltan’s), from the various procs on items/devotions, and if you chose so, from Blade Arc.

Also Vendicative Flame is useful in this sense, as it boost you total speed at the same time as dealing a (minor) AoE attack, while Flashbang can be bound to, say, Meteor Shower (from Ulzuin’s Torch), becoming an effective defensive/offensive skill at the same time.

You can also try an hybrid, sacrificing some points from Fire Strike for skills like Grenado or Cannister Bomb, but I advice against going all over the place when planning a build.

i’ve tried a witchblade before making my warder. i find for high dmg encounters like sharzul, it has trouble outhealing the incoming damage. even though you are tanky enough to not die to burst, ur healing cannot catchup to incoming damage.

unless u spec ToL or w/e, which severely gimp dmg

Very strange. Mine 1h+shield (in Markovian’s set) is practically unkillable, but quite slow to play…
The other, 2handed + Blade Arc is even more tankish, but also even slower despite the higher dps, ie you have to stop every now and then because you ran out of mana…

mine was cadence 2H, had like 40+ phys resist.
tank just fine, its just not enough heals in longer, high dmg fights - really just sharzul. didn’t do queen on that char

Ah, now i get what you mean. Mine (the Markovian’s one) sit around 500hp/s, 1000+ with Giant Blood, but in truth i have had to squeeze in Dryad (full set proc help a lot here) as well because longer fights were an issue indeed.

But i have noticed something strange: now i seem to be able to leech (adcth) when Acid Spray proc, even against something like a nemesis…


I continued thinking…

In recent patch they reduced leech resist for bosses/nemesis as well as put obsidian enemies at 100% leech res instead of lol 500%. Any -all resist spell reduces life leech res as well. With black star/manticore + open hand/legion aug you can get some okay lifesteal going on

Ohhhhhh… I have to retrieve my old vitality-based WH and see if she can finally shine…

But this apply for ANY boss? Damn, what’s the tool to explore this game database??

Gone off topic meanwhile… anyone viable ideas while staying in the role (so no occultism, grenades, pets, whatsoever)?

If you want to stick to the “role playing” aspect of a Paladin, I would say Jajaja’s physical warder (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41810) would be a viable option…

I’m personally don’t see “fire” as inherent in a paladin. Other then undead are “typically” weak vs fire so there is that angle I guess… Don’t really see any element associated with paladins besides Light (not lightning, but lightning is a good stand in)… To me they are a cross between a fighter and cleric(healer). Demo’s really don’t have a “heal”. I’m not sure if a totem fits in your idea of a paladin, but it is a good way to get the healer aspect instead of going NB or OCC as both seem more dark/evil classes going against Paladin role play accept… Menhir’s will would be like a paladins “lay on hands” ability… A primal strike warder would probably be another option too…