2nd expansion

If ashes does as good as vanilla release over a million copies I believe the expansion will do the same what chances will there be releasing more then just one.

Yes, there’s a high chance.

I think the below post from medierra should answer your questions and maybe some more.

If it sells almost as many copies as the base game I’d expect a 2nd expansion.

I believe that Crate somewhere said that whether there will be a second expansion will depend on the success of the first, so your scenario should virtually ensure that. No idea how realistic that scenario actually is however.

I expect to second expansion. hopefully

I prefer 4 or 6 expansions better than GD2

If it sells almost as many copies as many people finished the base game I’d expect a 2nd expansion (according to Steam global achievement stats, it’s about ~24%).

I was replying to the OP’s question

as I (kinda) said, I did not consider this is a realistic scenario however, one big reason being what you mentioned

AFAIK the guys mentioned on a stream that ~300k copies of an expansion sold will make the second one possible.

Would love a more polished GD II over a second expansion, but not now at some later point. I’m probably the only one who is more interested to see their RTS project over a second expac/sequel

But I will say this, I do hope Ashes of Malmouth manages to hit atleast 500k copies at some point, this game deserves it

RTS is not the most popular genre now. Something around 5% of the whole market, according to the research I saw recently. And it will kind of resemble situation with GD - the main competitor is Blizzard, with a well known and established product series and huge resource pool.
RTS is probably easier and faster to develop, and balancing is similar to the one in GD, so maybe… We can only sit and wait for more info.

If the next GD project’s fate is to be decided in a year, I can see the main game getting over 1.5m copies sold and, probably, 400-500k for the expansion. Should be good enough.

Personally I would rather GD2 than another expansion even if it will be a big wait. Mainly because I am a Linux user and hoping against hope they make the next game Vulkan-based :slight_smile:

Personally, i would prefer grim dawn 2 also. This way they could get rid of some of the engines limitations, but another expansion would be nice too.

+1 to Linux Support!

I would personally prefer the second expansion to at least somewhat closing the story, then moving to Grim Dawn 2.

I would also prefer a Grim Dawn 2 within an up to date engine.

New engine means a lot of work and years of developement, i would be happy with some xpacs to use the current engine and keep playing gd for few yrs from now.

I’d rather see GD2 than an expac, to get a new engine and a rework of some gameplay elements (starting with resistances).

But a new xpac would allow to test new things (before GD2) and capitalize more on the DX11 update.
So a second xpac could be a better choice.

Anyway, the X1 version and the RTS should come first.

Same, GD+Expansion is huge already, really will not be complaining about content :slight_smile:

So long as GD2 is a continuation of the story, even if from a different area of the world.

And +2 Linux support.

On that note I’m aware of another developer of a big franchise that was going to develop for Linux… Until Valve dropped the ball on Steam Machines/OS :frowning:

too much Gwent spoiled my love for RPG… so hopefully after they finish with their hello kitty project, we’ll get a card game based on the world of Cairn:rolleyes:

I would personally rather see Grim Dawn 2 rather than another expansion.

We need to be honest: the engine IS a bit dated, though what Crate has done with it is excellent and amazing.

I would really enjoy seeing a Grim Dawn 2 that continues the story beyond the current map, has a heavily updated engine and graphics, adds followers, artifacts, and has a much more fleshed out multiplayer.

New engine might need 5/7 yrs of developing / early access. Just saying, current engine might be dated but it is there now and it’s not a problem (well at least personally)