3.5k% bonus damage .. Is this only good on paper

Aether Devastation Link
Enough oa,da
%23 damage reduction
Moderate RR
Little bit low hp
Ok-Good Armor
Good energy regen
3500% aether damage ??

What do you think? Is this only good on paper?

3500% damage sounds like a lot but suffers from diminishing returns. I would guess that you can easily lose 1000% and invest that potential into OA, your dps would go up a lot.

Armour on your build is also not average, it’s bad. Get some absorption.

You’d probably want to bind TD to transmuted CT or Horn of Gandarr, just to have 100% proc chance on demand.

If you can survive it’s good.

You’ll only be able to do reckless power in campaign. In crucible you’d need star pact. Calirvoyant is a cdr set. Also do not use inquis seal.
You will not survive vs bosses standing on seal. Chaining mirrors is the way. I play TSS Allagast mage hunter in crucible 150+ and seal is nothing there to a caster like this one. I’d max transmuted CT for another nice nuke.

+2500% primary damage -> +3500% primary damage = +40% total damage

60RR -> 84RR = approx. +40% total damage (this depends on types of RR and enemy resistance)

+% primary damage is not the best stat to focus usually. You want get everything else “high enough” first, then whatever you manage to get in your primary stat is just icing on the cake. Maximize resist reduction, OA, DA, resists, health, and attack/cast speed. Optimize procs/skills, life steal, and circuit breakers. Once you’ve checked all of these boxes whatever you have left in +% primary damage should be sufficient. Even +1500% primary damage is enough if the rest of the boxes are checked (+2500% is a good number to aim for in general though).