31 lvl Nightblade - socketing question

I just hit clvl 31 with my Nightblade - mid act II,Veteran. I will use 2 x Duelist Sabre. My best setup atm.

But what should I socket my weapon with: :confused:

  • chipped claw - physical dmg
  • serrated spike - pierce /only 3…/ or
  • Mark of Dreeg - in TQ reduced resistance was good.

Btw, how does this reduced resistance from Dreeg work? Does it stack? 15 doesnt look like much though.

If you are looking for the best dps possible one serrated claw and a mark of dreeg would be best. The mark will stack with your resistance reduction from Night’s Chill, but not other sources on gear (unless you find the % based type, which is worded differently on gear)

Vicious spikes on the off-hand for the piercing damage aura and Mark of Dreeg on the main weapon.

main weapon is the toons’s right hand weapon, just making sure???

I don’t heve vicious spikes yet :frowning: where would be the best spot to farm them?

Symbol of solael gives a spell that lowers resists as well.