37,5hours and 2663 bosses and hero killed - first full set

Just flexing :smiley:

every big patch I reset and delete my database. Like a Diablo ladder reset and start new from the scratch.
Every time I start with a beginner build and farm something like Krieg set, dark one etc… and later I build a char with a set i found over random rng.

This Time I wanted to farm the vanquisher set. So I rushed to level 90+, farmed some good MIs and start farming the rogue like dungeons over and over again. Dungeons and Totems.

I got 5pieces from the Ulzuin Set before I got my 3th piece from the vanquisher set. I transmuted the double pieces into the missing part and GG. I got a full set.

Why I post this? I dont know. I just want to share how long it take to get a full set done with only farming rogue like dungeons and totems. (the other builds I farmed a mix of crucible, SR, dungeons etc…)
Little Sad that grim dawn dont have a online part and a ladder reset style like the other diablo clones. So you could start every 3 month from new. With friends / randoms and grind grind grind till you make a strong char.

Picture Charscreen Page 3


I’m glad that GD doesn’t have ladders and seasons (although some might argue that major patches = seasons). The focus on the Singleplayer experience is what sold the game for me. No way I’d still be playing it if it was an always-online ARPG like D3 or PoE.

You can still start fresh every 3 months if you want, nobody’s stopping you from deleting your savegame folder. There are plenty of players who do that all the time.


Same here.

Congrats, man!

I’d have to agree with @Volek though, as I live in a place where net isn’t always reliable and having the ‘games as a service’ model would kill the enjoyment for me. D3 was enjoyable only because they did manage to release an offline version for consoles