4k resolution UI improvements

First of all thanks a lot for the hard work, never expected GD to have anything like this again, and im super happy!
That said, with all the modernization of the game, might be a good time to also look into modernizing the UI scaling a bit.
For a 4k monitor the mouse cursor is very small and it would be great to get an option for a larger mouse cursor(maybe just a checkbox in the options menu?) In the same vein the UI, especially on the menu is a bit small, so would be cool if it was scaleable a bit larger too, but imo it’s not as important as things like Mouse Cursor getting a bigger option, because I constantly lose it and it hinders my gameplay ability.


This would be GREAT!

(I currently use a mouse cursor UI mod of Nexus to obtain a bigger cursor, but having a big cursor/bigger menu option would be fantastic)

The menu UI is more than “a bit small” @ 4k, it’s nearly impossible to read even at maximum UI scaling setting as it doesn’t scale with the rest of the UI.