85 Warder need devotion help

hi all, so i respecced all my devotion and seem to keep coming up with a net loss lol.

phys damage warder, have beaten all the content (except Mog on ultimate) and happy with the build, but i can’t seem to get the devotion build very tight.

anyone have tips on devotion for 85 phys warder? main attack is savagery, using Leviathan


Check jajaja’s thread, pretty solid build.
Basically get Assasin’s Blade for the debuff proc, get Hawk, Falcon, Kraken and Oleron because reasons, the rest are fillers.

Seems like you would drop a lot of dps not getting the spear or trident whatever, constellation in bottom right

Rhowan’s sceptre, i guess, is just ok. It’s not terrible but its not great either, especially with a 2h. Flat damage boni scale much better with 1h due to the higher base attackspeed on 1h. Try to get good crit and phys resist reduction, that will give the most bang for your buck.

Panda’s suggestions are very reasonable especially in SC. (Oleron is great but a bit “pricey”, thus in hc i opted for the Dire Bear instead, wich isn’t as strong, but freed up a lot of points for defense - and some more attackspeed and oa too.)

ok definitely seeing Assassin’s Mark at work, seem to cut through mobs near instantly when it procs, i still have scepter and gave up Maul, but Falcon proc is amazing w a little lifetap.

i put assassin mark on Feral Hunger, not sure if there’s a better spot. have oleron’s on upheaval and Falcon on Savagery

You can put it on Devouring Swarm for a full screen debuff, need an extra button to smash tho.
I can still have decent DPS without the scepter, offensive augments are pretty awesome now :wink: