99% happiness - now growth of the village

My village has been fluctuating between 1500 and 1550 now for many many years. Happyness is 99% so what to do?

Do you still have residences that level up?

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Wow, that is impressive! Madre Mio, I have never got to 100%, Well done! How many citizens do you have? What does your city look like? How many years is the city?

Yes, I still have houses that will level up, but most are on the estate level. My concern now is that I get impatient and build to much. I now need 125+ workers at least (thanks for that info/tip by the way) and maybe upwards of 170 as you suggested. I have 0 general workers and a defecit on villagers allocated to specific tasks/production buildings. The city has completely stalled and is going nowhere. :slight_smile: I am now going to try and turn of production and or reduce staff to try to get the general workers and builders in balance. Any good ideas? :slight_smile:

It isn’t pretty… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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How is your overall mining and food production? I see that you have many hunters and fishermen and also many miners, how are you doing with the gold? how much gold monthly?

From what I see you also have a high production of iron and weapons, tools, that production calms down a bit, it could be approximately 20 extra workers.

Lower the workers that make barrels by 2 or 4, until you hold on to more population

PD: The main thing about my population in difference is that I play in the Pacific and I don’t refresh the seed xd, I’m also already in the year 462

Foodproduction is at an 8. Someone said that you need to ahve the food productionover 6 in order to boost migration. That does not seem to apply at level 4 or over 700 villagers though. But it’s one less problem.

Gold production is at about 1500 per year and total income is ~23.000.-/ year. The monthly income varies a lot I find.

The problem with to little villagers started, or at least accelerated, when I started to use deep mines. I only fill them to 50% with villagers but it is still lots and lots of people in the mines…

I have 6 metal plants located close to the mines, but production is low. I can never mine the amounts needed why I buy most of my iron. I buy all I can get my hands on and it is still not enough. I think iron production is one of the hardest things to get a high production of. How do you do you iron production?

I have 4 iron works producing heavy machinery, heavy weapons and swords, but no tool production. I don’t use tools.

462 years in the same village! Wow, thats cool. I like to think about village layout planning and come up with new ideas from time to time which I want to try. So I then start new villages to try the new idea. Also I find that eventually the population stagnates and I have to little patients to fine tune :slight_smile:


I had the same problem with my villagers.
What you need is a LOT of food. I’m having about 15 months at the moment for a good birthrate (~25/year). What I’ve also done is building many, many production facilities for all goods. People produce to a limited level (mostly 500 pieces) and then can work on something else.


Oh, I forgot: NO BEER! :melting_face:

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