A bit confused about PRM right now..

After all the changes, patches and complicated elemental conversions, whats the proper way of building a Panetti build now?.

I just got the last piece of Invoker’s set dropped, where do I go from there?, looks like Iskandra doesn’t work anymore since some patch.


You can do an elemental (more like fire and lightning to be accurate) Mage Hunter with Invoker’s set.

I am gonna be dropping a new guide for a sick PRM Mage Hunter today or tomorrow. Just look for it, it’s an absolute killer with no green items required.

EDIT: Here is a little preview. 7:47 with god awful lags because of my PC. Should do sub 7 minute easily.

Your da man!.

I lack the helm though, I guess that will hurt my DPS quite a bit.

Will gamble :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah prm hunter is in a great spot right now

It took quite a bit of work to get this build right. Fire version or mixed version are quite sub-par. Getting OA/DA/resists for that build is a pain as well.

I can help you craft the helm, just bring the mats.

No worries thanks, it would kill the game for me the moment I stop playing self found.

Aether PRM is still a viable option too. If you’re interested

Wouldn’t Invoker always net the best result if you want as your almost only damage dealer PRM?.

For elemental PRM, yeah, invoker+spellgaze is best afaik. If it’s better than aether her with slathasar? Dunno but doubt it. Might be more consistent though with the seal and that adcth directly to PRM.