A buff to Reckless power.

Reckless power is somewhat odd. Flat aether barely do anithing for Casters, yet cast speed is useless for atacker, unless theyre using Forcewave .
I suggest to switch cast speed for %total speed or add %atack speed for Reckless powa. That would help our poor aether atacker Sorcerer`s, Warlocks and Druids.

I had been suggesting the same thing in every b-mage discussion thread. It’s mostly a b-mage / gunslinger sorc buff, which aren’t known to be super strong, so idk why it’s still not made that way. Maybe sticking attack/total speed on every mastery is just not preferred to keep masteries at least mildly unique.

Callidor’s Tempest builds get some use out of the flat Aether. Same for Aetherfire PB Spellbreakers. Battlemages and Fire Strike Sorcerers do as well but they’re lost on the casting speed i agree.

I think it’s fine, personally. It’s not amazing for casters, but it’s also not amazing for attackers. It’s just generally good for any Aether/Fire build. I don’t think optimizing it for Casting or Attacking would be a good idea, but if you just make it better for either, or both, it’d probably be a bit too strong, IMO.

The problem with over specialization is that it effects how a class is ‘meant’ to be played and to keep the feel of the class you would have to then introduce skills to compliment the different aspects to the class.
More skills meaning weaker skills so people don’t exploit more higher end skills; or the fact people would then split skill points across them if both we’re truly balanced and useful.

The bigger problem is that some things are just worth more.
For example for a level 40 character, 4 regen~ per second is completely no match for 400 more health or better yet ‘faster’ regeneration (assuming it affects potion recovery).
it’s why I have a level 45 character using a level 32 main weapon; simply put green items end up with crazy combinations with no focal utility and overwhelmingly have completely underwhelming effects generated for them.

It’s why we have the common belief that if you want more damage the best thing to do is use attack speed buffs and hence why we have a cap to it.
An inelegant solution that bandage fixes the core problem; balance.

Seconded. Widening the scope of bonuses granted by Reckless power won’t make it OP. +attack speed is useless for casters, and Spellbroken use Star Pact anyway.

A weapon build taking Reckless Power only gets some %bonuses and moderate flat damage. Adding attack speed would not so much make it too strong as usable by more than a couple builds.

That would help Battlemage, Druid and ranged Sorc builds be more effective, and they’re not exactly dominating right now.

Attack speed in Reckless Power is something i’ve wanted for a while now, specially when i made an Aether Cadence Battlemage.

% Total Speed doesn’t sound too bad considering it is an exclusive skill and a speed buff would be a great boost to Arcanist Melee builds, especially Druid

Except none of the other Exclusive skills are like this, they all fit the themes they’re designed for. I second the idea, having flat damage AND cast speed in the same skill, especially in the Arcanist mastery (with 1 WD% skill) makes no sense to me but that’s been my general complain about the IEE skill line as well. Not sure what you mean by “too strong”, its not like a build can take advantage of both attack and cast speed if you add both.

This aura DOES fit the theme it’s designed for. Aether/Fire damage. That’s ALL it supports. Especially as the primary Aether/Fire casting skill has WD, and is in Arcanist.

As it stands, Aether/Fire attackers take this aura… And it’s well worth it.
As it stands, Aether/Fire casters take this aura… And it’s ALSO well worth it.

What exactly are you going to do that ISN’T going to either punish the attackers using it, punish the casters using it, or make one of those two groups more powerful than they currently are?

Right now, Aether/Fire attacking and casting are well balanced. If you start messing with their ONLY aura, that won’t remain the case unless you alter OTHER things.

Precisely this. It makes no sense to have a buff that gives flat damage and instead of being for attackers, it’s for casters. Casters have very few skills with weapon damage, most of them don’t even reach 50% weapon damage, while attackers mostly use skills with high weapon damage.

Making it appealing for both only increases build variety.

The entire idea is to change Reckless Power to make aether-based weapon users better than they currently are. Because they’re mediocre. And because for some aether builds you’re better off picking Occultist and converting chaos damage.

Most of the melee aether builds out there do pretty unimpressive damage for the number of conversion purples and rare greens that they use. Ranged aether is functional but it won’t become broken through a buff to Reckless Power either.

So yeah, that’s why people want Reckless Power buffed for weapon users.

It IS appealing for Aether/Fire casting. Ask yourself… What skill uses cast speed, and naturally does Aether/Fire damage? Callidor’s Tempest. That skill is the premiere Aether/Fire casting source, and it benefits from flat damage… So this makes 100% sense for THE Aether/Fire casting skill. Not only that, having the flat damage makes it appealing for Aether/Fire attackers as well.

As I said earlier, A/F casting and attacking currently BOTH use this aura, and BOTH are well balanced at this time. What are you going to DO to Reckless Power that won’t UNBALANCE them?

I already told you in the other thread that i don’t give a flying fuck about anything you say. I’m just gonna block you, something i should have done a while ago because 95% of your posts is either complaining or going in circles through repetitive arguments. Got old, extremely fast.

This is the main reason. Aether melee in its current state is in the trash, adding Attack speed to their main buff will only help it.

If you actually ANSWERED my arguments, and didn’t ignore the large holes in your few replies, I’d not waste time replying to you to point them out.

The quote you used is nice… Except it won’t fix Aether Melee to do just that, and it WILL affect Aether/Fire Ranged to do that, making it stronger than it should be. Adding Attack Speed will over buff A/F ranged, and barely help A/F melee. Vortex of Souls was recently nerfed, SPECIFICALLY in attack speed, and you want to give BACK that attack speed, and… What? Just assume it won’t cause any problems?

Aether Melee struggles because there’s no skill that works well for pure Aether Melee, and gear is hard to come by for it. Aether/Fire has more support in general gearing, but the majority of that gear is for Casters. A/F Ranged can get away with using Caster gear, but Melees can’t. The GEARING is the issue with Aether and Aether/Fire Melee, and the base SKILL. Buffing this one aura will NOT suddenly fix those issues. In fact, it won’t at all address or aid those issues. Right now, all you really have for PURE Aether is Cadence, and all you really have for A/F is Fire Strike, which has its own issues for Melee as other threads have been discussing.

You can whine all you like, but if your arguments didn’t have giant holes in them, I’d not be able to reply now would I?

Aether/fire melee is trash, it isn’t balanced, that’s the whole point of the thread so you can’t just use it as a reason. Also you’re REALLY ok with a 50 mastery exclusive skill being themed around a single ability (Calidor’s in this case)? It might as well just be the 3rd skill in the CT line then. Also, Caldior’s is not the premier aether/fire casting skill, Aether Ray arguably is, and benefits zero from the flat damage.

I’m sorry but no, ranged aether builds aren’t strong enough that they would be OP with more attack speed. Yes, VoS was recently nerfed and it’s arguable whether the nerf was needed. VoS Sorc is a nice build but it doesn’t trivialise the entire game any worse than many others. Not to mention that it’s extremely gear dependent and final, well optimised builds decked out entirely in max level gear should be pretty effing strong anyway.

Also this is primarily a single player game so something being potentially OP is much less of a problem than something being too weak like aether melee is. And there are many builds that are stronger than VoS with extra attack speed would be that aren’t being nerfed anytime soon to boot.

DW aether pistols are nowhere near OP and like other pistol builds could use the buff.

Also your argument that melee aether struggles due to low synergy with attack skills is just moronic. Any auto attack replacer can potentially work with the damage type since their main point is % weapon damage, and convertible flat damage. It happens that all of the major ones either have good %wd, easily convertible flat bonuses, or both.

Aether melee sucks in part because Arcanist is designed to be the go-to source of flat Aether and is the only mastery not to provide attack speed, and up to recently just offered way too little flat aether on top. Thankfully with FoR getting a huge buff and flat damage being buffed across the board in masteries, one side of the problem is fixed.

Another part of why Aether melee gets ignored is that Aether in general is disliked as a damage type due to bad RR access compared to others.

Your assessment about gear is also wrong. There are good aether weapons and the only standout caster armor used in aether ranged builds, Iskandra’s set, is defensively just fine for melee builds, being designed for them. So support for ranged builds isn’t better and aether/fire hybrids that don’t focus one damage type heavily over the other are quite uncommon anyway. Having very few RR sources in common will do that to a damage combo.

And finally, you telling others that their arguments have holes in them is the pot calling the fucking kettle black.

Being able to see quotes from people you block is something that needs to be looked at.

But holy shit, your head is so far up your own ass that you can’t see how atrocious your arguments are because last i checked, VoS Sorcerer build wasn’t exactly a build crushing the entire game. It was actually kind of mediocre, specially in the single target damage department and this was before the nerf to VoS attack speed.

Keep believing none of your argument have huge holes, someday it will be true.

I agree with most of you here… reckless power needs a bit more speed… there is nothing reckless in it being limited to just cast speed… plus it would open up further love for aether battle mages and druids… Crate please look into this… at its current state it’s just meh.

1- Crate clearly disagrees, and on this I agree with Crate.
1a- I don’t think anything should trivialize the content, no matter how good.
2- Every DW Pistol build is currently having issues, not just Aether, so that’s hardly relevant. Hopefully that changes with the expansion.
3- Sounds good in theory, but in practice, NO. You can’t just have the %WD for your damage. If Fire Strike didn’t have… issues, then Aether/Fire Melee would be fine, just not pure Aether.
4- How is Arcanist the source for Flat Aether? It SHOULD be, I agree… But as it stands, there is ONE aura, and 1/2 of ONE passive, both way at the end. Right now, we don’t really have “good” sources of Flat Aether.
5- True, Aether and Chaos both get a bad rap.
6- Weapons aren’t the issue. We have good COLD weapons too, and yet Cold builds still often struggle, or end up having large amounts of other damages in them.
7- Iskandra’s may indeed be fine for Melee, but that doesn’t make it fine for Aether. Its focus is, quite naturally, on buffing Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, and thus Elemental damage. There’s some Aether in there, but not much. I could get the same out of a dozen different magic rolls on gear, last I checked.
7a- No, support for ranged isn’t better in gear. BUT, Ranged can use Fire Strike and benefit from it, as Ranged Fire Strike beats out Melee Fire Strike. Also, Ranged can use Caster gear and not care as much, because it’s Ranged.

8- My arguments often DO have a hole in them. DUH. That’s LIFE. Everyone has holes in their arguments. The difference is, when I point out YOURS, you tell me I’m wrong and come back with half baked responses, often based on things I never even said. When I then point that out, YOU get rude and pissy. If my arguments have holes, which I expect they do, then point them out… Politely. In return, I’ll do the same. Maybe at the end, we can end up with something that’s actually a solution to the issue. This nonsense where I’m the bad guy for just disagreeing with you is ridiculous. I start out polite, and after dealing with repeated rude replies, I escalate accordingly. (Except with JoV. Just can’t stand him. Bad habit, I know.) Can you claim the same? Norzan isn’t the only one who decides to dismiss what I say simply because I say it. If you can’t assess information independent of the source, then I’m glad all we speak on is Grim Dawn. I’d shudder to see what fake news you fell for just because it came out of a seemingly respectable source.