A few areas I seem to be having trouble with!

So I have been doing quite well with modding stuff. A few areas I need help with that don’t seem to be working.

Increasing Hero / Boss experience rewarded. I spent a lot of time changing all the heros in the vanilla portion of the game and was going to work on GDX1 + 2 but noticed the experience reward in game never worked. This was where I was editing:

Also is Charlevel the spawn level for the monster compared to your character level? If so, that did not change either.

Second area I am stuck with is increasing devotion skill level limits. I tried with meteor shower skill, I added experience levels and skill dmg stuff. I feel there is something else that I have to do to make max level from 15 to 25 work as it still says 15?

Appreciate any help!

Anyone able to help me with this? why the experience rewarded won’t change in game? and how to actually increase the max level on devotion skills.

Well. It would seem I was wrong. I just realized the experience rewarded did actually work. When I kill a boss and it says boss killed (exp number) this isn’t how much exp total I got from the kill. Which is perfect. So then only thing I need help with is devotion skill level limit :slight_smile: