A few suggestions

Here’s a few ideas and critique points I came up with:

  • A screenshot-pause-mode: Sometimes I encounter a random mob-enemy equipped with some unique items but I can’t get myself in position to take a proper screenshot of it or the enemy was too dangerous to ignore so i couldn’t get close enough for a picture. Furthermore sometimes I wanted to take a shot of a nice scenery in the game but felt that all the overlays like skill-bar, health, map, quests kinda decrease the beauty of the screenshot. An idea for this would be a Screenshot mode which is basically a Pause but where you can still move the camera and all the overlays get transparent.

  • An epic/legendary Spectral set: I know there’s some green items that belong into the spectral category but having an additional set of this class could be nice.

-Wipe loot in Crucible: After playing a few consecutive Crucible sessions one after the other, the trophy room got way too full with items on the ground and it was very confusing. I have set my item-filter to Greens and above in order to also find some nice MI’s and the screen was full of greens. I think it would be nice if the Crucible treasure room item’s get wiped upon starting a new session.

-Performance improvements!!: This one is self-explanatory.

-Reworked Devotion UI with filters for damage types, seach bar etc

-the Raise the Dead skill from the Revenant devotion: The 100% on Enemy Death is what bugs me with this one as it’s not guaranteed you will always kill the enemy with the skill you assinged this to. My idea is to change it to a following concept: Make it 100% on Attack and make it work like some 2-3seconds debuff on an enemy. If the enemy dies under the influence of this debuff, it will turn into a player-pet-skeleton upon death.

-Make crafting a bit less of a hassle: It can be frustrating at times to craft powerful items due to having to craft all the components first. A bit of quick-crafting in the sense that if a relic needs e.g Chains of Oleron that i don’t have to go back to the Components screen of a the smith to craft this but can also craft it directly at the Relics screen.

-Perhaps give the weather/daytime/area a bit of influence like that during a storm you gain additional +lightning dmg, slightly reduced OA/DA during nighttimes (“being tired at night, thus less focused for a battle”) or additional fire-damage in desert areas

That’s all I got for now :slight_smile:

Why wipe the greens? Either pick them up to sell at the merchant or put them in your stash. Both the NPCs are there so you can do either or both. Alternatively, filter out the greens as well and only go for blues and purples.

Environmental Effects that are cool cause they’re kinda realistic but isn’t really that game changing!

  • Lightning DMG has a little bit of small AoE damage that hits everyone if the ability was cast in a puddle of water. Electrocution procs are slightly higher if there are lightning storms.

  • Fire DMG has a slight chance to burn grass or wood. Slightly less damage when raining or your character is wet.

  • Cold can leave puddles of water/ice behind. Slight chance of Freeze if raining.

  • Gain slightly less constitution when eating food whenever you have Vitality Decay.

  • Acid slightly corrodes your equipment, making them slightly less effective.

  • Bleed and Trauma does slightly more damage if you move about.