A few text-related issues

I noticed some spelling and wording errors.

On Pyran’s mantle, it should be “Heavy Ordinance” (the “i” is missing):

The phrase “Why yes” does not make a lot of sense to me. I guess the “Why” should be removed:

Here it should be “you have restored”, (the additional “r” is wrong):

The following wording seems to imply a wrong meaning. Why do the Aetherials need to arm their “resistance fighters”? The resistance fighters belong to Malmouth, as is further confirmed in the text (“Recover these for the resistance.”):

After the “well” should be a comma because it is an introductory word:

Here you have another “Why” that does not seem to make a lot of sense. “Why” is a question word, but then she just says “thank you”. The “Why” should be removed:

“Why” is used as interjection. It’s fine.


are typos and misplaced words can be considered as bugs?

just suggesting that maybe word related errors should be placed in its own threads/sections, so people could understand the correct words while also helping developers fix them efficiently.

The “Why” thing is vernacular, makes sense where I am from.

Some places got some quirks.

You are confusing ordinance and ordnance.

Ordnance is correct.

Good spot on the Arming the Resistance error. That must have been there for years. :smile:

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Even the internet seems to be confused when it comes to the skill “Heavy Ordnance”:

I checked in the game and in GrimTools. It looks like the skill is labeled “Heavy Ordnance”. So “ordnance” seems to be correct.
Thanks for pointing out the difference between these so similar words, Medea. “Ordnance” has a military meaning which fits the demolitionist.

If the “why” can be an interjection and vernacular, I would suggest using what is accepted as formal grammar. I haven’t heard this kind of usage of “why” yet, so it sounded strange to me.

The rest that I pointed out, however, should be clear. Yes, the “Arming the Resistance” text is like this already for a long time. I couldn’t take it anymore and needed to point that out here :smiley:

But people don’t always talk in formal grammar. Using yes in those situations is perfectly normal in day to day conversations. And well doesn’t need a comma after it. Not sure what you mean by introductory, but in that sentence it doesn’t need a comma after it.

And Fandom wiki is way out of date; gamepedia is the one to use.

Yes, they should be reported here if you find any, just as you would any other bug.

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I think the “Slay the Mind Reaper” quest still says “Slay the the Mind Reaper”, I don’t have any character with the quest anymore to verify though.

Hm. It’s fairly common in English (at least in America) to use it the way they used it. Just the way people speak. Granted this is a fictional made-up world that has nothing to do with America - either way, it is used as they used it enough that it’s commonplace. Not sure where you live that it isn’t.

@ powbam: I am from Germany, but currently abroad (Asia) and was in the US also for longer. I had and have contact with American friends. This is the first time I encounter that.
I am dealing with English on a professional level. So I am aware of some things. But if that is the way some people speak, then it might be ok that way.

@ Medea: “Well” is an introductory word if it is placed at the beginning of a sentence. It is meant to introduce a speaking act (a sentence) and the speaker usually makes a short pause after saying it. After the comma, the regular main clause comes then. You may Google for further information.

Anyway, the highlight is the Arming the Resistance text. I wonder how that came to be originally. It is a bit funny also :smiley:

Yes, but if you look you’ll see that “Hm,” is there before the well. And well is not always introductory so doesn’t always need a comma after it.