A few things that would be great to improve

Hello dear developers,

First of all thank you so much for the game! I’ve spent 120 hours in it and it’s my best purchase in a while. Very meditative, thank you for creating it and working on improving it.

A few things I’d like to share:

  • the “disallow collection” button in the forager shack is sorely missing. Please make it so that clicking on the desired product prohibits its collection. Greens are needed only at the beginning of the game, and it also happens that one of the products is too much and it is not needed at all, while in the work area there are other necessary.

  • the cleaning menu needs a separate item “fruit trees”. I have not found an option to remove many trees at once, only to select each one - long and inconvenient.

  • the ability to manage goods in warehouses is great, it has improved the game, but there is still a problem with villager selections. For example, there is a warehouse near the preservist building that I specified to bring glass to, and it was brought in, but the preservist building workers walk across the entire map to take the glassware directly from the glassmaker factory. This is a problem.

  • temporary shelters still make little sense. Villagers only go in there in the winter during a blizzard. They could go in there to eat as well. I found a kind of solution - plant fruit trees near the mines, villagers then eat fruit directly from the trees (it’s a cool idea by the way), but I still wish the temporary shelter made some sense.

  • I really need a hotkey that I could click to change the type of decorative garden or bush. I click several times in the menu on a garden object until the one I want finally appears. It’s long and inconvenient, but at least it’s solvable, whereas with small shrubs there’s even more trouble - they grow in unknown colours and change it when transplanted. I transplant these bushes dozens of times, so that in certain places they be white, pink or lilac (as I want). Please fix this, perfectionists suffer :smiling_face_with_tear:

  • I don’t understand how flatten terrain works and why there are so many problems with it. I wanted to build another cow barn in a certain place, and I spent probably five years to finally make the ground flawlessly flatten and the game finally let me put the barn there. Apparently in the case of the terrain, the developer’s own perfectionism showed up :grinning: What is missing is either a hint window with detailed description of working with terrain, or/and an improvement to the tool itself.

  • it would be nice to create some kind of road (crossing?) for the swampy ground over which villagers walk and wagons drive, but in which it is impossible to build a regular road.

  • regulating the maximum population by the hundred instead of 200, 500, 1000 would be more convenient.

Thanks again for everything! I love the game and wait its full release. It is in my favorites and in my heart, you’ve created a really cool game :orange_heart:


Exactly, it would be great to select the type of decorative object, or the type of any object that has 2 or more types, at the moment we have to click several times to select our favorite object and this takes time and is bad.
We also need to have an option to plant other types of fruit and berries, not just fruit trees.
There are several types spread across the map and we always need to select an area again to collect, this also takes a long time, plantation would be more ideal

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