A general question about DLCs

I play Grim Dawn with a friend, i want to purchase the Definitive Edition upgrade, but he won’t buy it; can we still play together if i buy it? can i play the new classes and play with him? I hope you’ll understand, english is not my main language :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Unfortunately not. I mean you could play but you’d have to switch the game to run w/o expansion when playing with him.
And then you could not play new classes with him. Also seperate characters for playing with him and new classes on your own.

I’ve read some reddit posts ad i was confused about this, i just wanted to be sure
Thank you, i will not buy it :sweat:

Here more info [Suggestion] DLC can play with non DLC players

the post was written in december 2019 so i think this problem will not be fixed soon…
thank you for the help tqFan, very kind

It’s the way the game is designed to work so not a problem.

You could always buy your friend the expansions as well as yourself.

It has nothing to do with it being able to be played offline or online. It’s just the way the game/expansions were designed to work.

To play with people who don’t have one or both expansions then you can only do this

or use this