A girl and Grim Dawn

When loooking for some random newly recorded Grim Dawn vid, I saw this.
Isnt this cute? Give her some more views guys :stuck_out_tongue:

That is brilliant, and really cute !

Geeze, she gives us women a bad gaming image. For Pete’s sake at least work out how to play the game before you make a fool of yourself on the net. :rolleyes:

I was going to say almost the same thing : Chapeau to medea.

hahaha, going in blind and recording it makes it somehow more amusing to me :stuck_out_tongue:

But she was brave to share it with people. I like it. No harm at all. :slight_smile:

Would you say the same thing if it was a guy doing it?

She looks and acts impressively stupid, what’s the credit for?

Stupid girls are cute only if beautiful, in this case it’s hard to make a compromise.

yes, i laughed when a friend totally new to a ARPG tried Grim Dawn and failed miserably

i am a bit cynical sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, not a problem.

Actually sometimes my darker side beckons me to shit on the newbie

“What the hell are you doing you fucking moron?”

“You dyslexic fuck, how hard is it to jump?”

Stuff like that is interesting (sometimes that is)

Well she certainly is no model but that’s besides the point. Even attractive girls doing stupid things only looks good for a short while (Unless someone is at a point where even “a cat is fine too”, in which case i am speechless)

But as much i respect her bravery for uploading uncut stuff like this and for following her passion, she should consider acting a little more “mature” since she makes it sound like she wants to do this stream/vlog or whatever thing for a while

Well, I guess they call it a learning experience. I can only hope she actually watches back what she recorded and learns from it before inflicting herself on her adoring fans again. :smiley:

Wait really?

Where’s all the pain and suffering?:rolleyes:

3:40 and 48 were just brilliant:D

Having gifted GD to a number of people who never touched ARPGs before, this is one of my favorite results.

Kudos to whomever gives GD more coverage!

Everytime I see a girl streamer by chance I can’t help but feel she’s overly theatric. Drama queens, every single one. This one is no exception.

Geeze, she gives us women a bad gaming image.

Lol. I thought you’re a middle aged man with a beard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I’m a retiree with glasses. Which just goes to show a good game can appeal to all ages, sexes, races and everything inbetween. :smiley:

i will articulate a bit more after watching the video : The only fact of interest is the mere being a girl of the streamer and the web offers better atlernatives in this branch.

This. I know some girls that are exception, but they are so few, it basically confirms the rule.
Also attentionwhoring.